NEAR Certified Economist Course Progress | Writing & Research | Marketing Techniques

Period: April 1st → April 30th


I’m currently involved in projects related to education, writing, and research. Here are some details on the projects, achievements, and upcoming themes:

Marketing the “Introduction to Blockchain Economics” course
Get advantage of Engagement Insights

  • As a keynote speaker in two international conferences about the next normal in the world economy, I communicated NEAR examples on the economics of blockchain. Each conference is with 300+ professionals from all over the globe. I discussed the economic principles governing NEAR Protocol, and how they keep aligned the interests of its community.

  • Determined the most asked questions about the course and created ultimate guidelines to answer those questions.

  • Made a listicle that also includes my online course content.

  • Created an ultra-niche mini course “Blockchain economics for university lecturers who want to elevate their career” to gain an advantage in the middle of a very crowded market.

Research around the NC Economist Course- To be launched

Identify our unique value proposition of the course

Conducted a massive research on the existing online courses related to the economics of blockchain, to grab out what is included in those courses and how they are presented. Results were as follow:

  • Differentiated my course from our competition- by adding a value added content that links the course topics to the job market.

  • Areas of topic that I cover in which our competition did not cover in full- Blockchain as a tool for economic development, and its effect on global macroeconomic indices: inflation rate, growth rate, GDP, unemployment rate, Industrial production. Along with fiscal, monetary, and economic policy tools utilized. Examples on NEAR fiscal and monetary policies are given here.

(I am planning to do a promotional video here covering the above points in details)

Advancing in NEAR

  • Created a TiR Onboarding Document that includes task description, invoicing, and collaboration for NEAR Education Fellowship Programs.

  • Completed the following e-books to be communicated to learners:

The Crypto Encyclopedia Coins Tokens And Digital Assets From A To Z (Schueffel, Patrick Groeneweg etc.) ( (537.3 KB)

Digital Assets and SEC Regulations.pdf (1.4 MB)

Upcoming Themes

  • Market the course through partnering up with universities, blockchain educational centers, and community development centers that are interested in job opportunities provided by blockchain economics- To be discussed with @amgando.

  • Conduct Digital Assets and SEC Regulations Research- to create a course here that includes DAOs regulations (researching tax regulations for DAOs) and the role of SEC as well, in coordination with several existing DAOs working on this topic.

  • Blockchain economics experts’ opinions- I am in a process of conducting several interviews with experts in blockchain economics to add some fruitful-outside-the-box- ideas to my course. Some of them were personally invited to register for the course once launched. Also discussing my course content with my network connection of both experts and non-experts to test the material content and get feedback.


Well done friend :clap: @Halafaissal

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Is Near Certified Economist Course online?

I love this! Great work. Would love to connect with you and see how we can support integration into some of the initiatives underway. - Amber Brandner @joyfulwreason on twitter.

Yes it is :), and we will announce the details soon.

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Hi Marie! Thank you for your feedback. Would love to connect as well :slight_smile: