Near All Instagram Account Analysis

When i search Near in Instagram, i found some near account.

As par instagram new algorithm its rank on the search results on this criteria, if user is makeing reels or more story that account we rank hire

So 1 account i found is (NearNFT)
This account have 250 Post with followers of 476 and this account have too many reels also so it is ranking at first.

2 account i found is (Near_Protocol)
This account have 142 Post with followers of 4,123 and has 1 Reels so i think because pf followers its rank 2.

3 account i found is (Near_india)
This account have 52 post with followers of 162 have no reels

4 account i found is (meme.near)
This account have 61 Post with followers of 94 have some reels

5 account i found is (nearphilippines)
This account have 19 Post with followers of 251 have no reels

As par my knowledge instagram love themes base account

1 themes base account is colour black in near logo , the colour black account is NearNFT

2 themes base account is Colour White in near background logo, the colour White account is Near_Protcol

Instagram New Algorithm Boost the account who created Reels in last Month

1 i have check the instagram account NearNFT they are posting too reels so i think they will break the instagram algorithm

2 i have check the instagram account Near_Protocol but they one only 1 reels but have too many followers my suggestion is too post more reels

Instagram New Algorithm Loves The Support Account

Support Account is the account which is supporting the company for example in this case i think nearnft is supporting near_protocol but Near Team need too Create More Support Account likes in nearnft the traffic comes form artist account. Meme.near has traffic form normal user too love funny meme.

But Some more account should be they to Support Near_Protocol for example most traffic comes in area gallery, news, company update, cryptro news,

This ways are too grow Near Instagram account faster


@marketingdao-council @NxM

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@NearNft Yes we will break the instagram algorithm we are getting great reach on our instagram because of Reels :confetti_ball:

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Hey Team Can You Show the Instagram Professional Dashboard How many reach you got in last Month.

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