NDC-Weekly Update Post Dec. 23, 2022

Greetings, NEARians!

Another week has gone by and we’re at mid-December already!

But let’s hand it over to the Sub Working Group leads to tell us more about what’s been going on this past week, and what’s to come:

@blaze @sarahkornfeld @Cryptonaut @blissshubham @Psalmy @jlwaugh @atrox1382 @Ozymandius @robert
and @Matt_Hussey

Follow up with previous updates here:
*[NDC-GWG Weekly Update Post -Dec. 16, 2022]

Happy Holidays :christmas_tree: :gift::santa: Everyone!


Thanks to @mecsbecs for the previous updates as a Co-lead for the CE working group of the GWG


From the Community Engagement Working group, the updates are

  1. Bounty measurement sheet: DONE by @mecsbecs

  2. KPI draft in final stage for V1 release by @Albhion and I

  3. Onboarding flow draft in progress and almost ready for V1 release by @mecsbecs

  4. Bounty program draft be edited for internal review. By @Albhion

  5. GWG overview draft to be finalized by @sarahkornfeld for community release.

Other updates from the Communication Sub-group be updated by @sarahkornfeld.

Thanks everyone for job well done.



Hi all!

This past week was all about collecting our End of The Year Report on all the work of the GWG. Please read, comment and join us in 2023!

Have a wonderful holiday!

NDC ~ End of Year Update | 2022