NDC SMM Report & Future Plans [October]

gm gm NEAR Fam! We’re back with another report for the NDC SMM Team. With just few days left for NEARCON, hope you’re ready for all the blasts coming at #NEARCON23 [Don’t forget to use the hashtag on X so everyone sees alphas dropping at #NEARCON23]. ICYMI Here’s our report for Aug/Sept: LINK

Let’s begin the SMM Report for October and our plans moving forward.

Our Proactive Approach to Building a Lively near Social Community:

  • Content Strategy: Our Content Strategy for October included a thread on NEAR Wallet Update educating the community about NEAR Wallet Transition & introducing key features for select wallets on NEAR after coordinating with each of these wallet teams to ensure accurate information. In addition, starting from November, we plan to reactivate Weekly Updates Threads, helping the community to keep up with all developments with NDC. Additionally we’re working on NDC Beginners Guide to simplify the learning curve for newcomers to our ecosystem.
  • Distribution Strategy: Since NDC V0, we have had a lot of initiatives to improve NDC’s distribution strategy. Currently we have been working with mods to have our communications distributed to all Working Groups and relevant chats. Going forward we’re working on a Distribution Strategy working closely with all grassroots & regional communities leaders and major projects so they’re all aligned with NDC Posts & Communications.
  • RT’s & QT’s Ecosystem Updates.
  • NEAR Community on X: With the goal of creating a Community Hub on Twitter where we have a larger CT Audience, we launched NDC Community on X. Going forward we’ll continue to strategize on engaging the community and having meaningful discussions there. JOIN HERE
  • NDC Spaces with Wax: We’re hosting NDC SYNC Spaces every week to align our community with the developments & updates from House of Merit, Council of Advisors & Transparency Commission & allowing the community to get their answers. Additionally we’re planning cross marketing AMAs with Ecosystem Projects.
  • NEARCON2023 - We plan to actively cover all updates from NEARCON & create/distribute content so our community can keep up with all alphas from NEARCON.
  • Near.Social Posting - We’ll continue to consistently post and engage with the community at Near.Social, maintaining an active presence.
  • NDC Docs & Medium - Maintaining the central repository of documents at Medium & NDC Docs is one of our key responsibilities, ensuring easy access for our Ecosystem Participants on all communications at NDC.

Thanks for reading, we’d appreciate your feedback.