[Approved] NDC SMM team remuneration in November

NDC SMM team remuneration in November

Hello, welcome to another report from SMM Team, for the months of October and November.
We’re carrying out the NDC social media to keep the Community informed and updated regarding NDC opportunities and news:
NDC Twitter
Telegram News stream channel
TG NDC Official Announcements

In October Social media managers team had made a total of 47 tweets, and received over 437,380 Impressions.
This month, we’ve made a total of 36 tweets by now, and received over 96K Impressions.


Posts [October]


Posts [November]


*AMA host


Some links and details from each of you regarding your work in October and the 1/2 November:

  • NDC Houses Announcements Banners x30
  • Voting Body Banner x3
  • Voting Body Assets
  • Voting Body Announcement Banner x3
  • Voting Body UI Redesign - infographics (Hom, TC, CoA, Voting Body) x4
  • Grassroots Banner + Infographic
  • Voting Body logo design
  • Voting Body Cover and Graphics for Social Media
  • Community Space Identity Design
  • Community Space Banner x6
  • NDC Partnership Banners x3
  • News Banners x3
  • NEAR Hackathon Presentation x11 Pictures + infographics
  • NEAR Hackathon Banner
  • NDC Community Banner x2
  • NDC Houses Media Design (Covers + Logo) x3
  • NEARcon Special Covers
  • NDC Wallets Thread Graphics Banners x10 Pictures + infographics
  • NDC Wallets Banner
  • Road to V1 Banners Infographic x3
  • NDC NFT Special Design for NEARcon 2023
  • Identity logo for NDC News x2
  • NDC Info Session Banner x3
  • NEARcon Speakers from NDC x20 Banners
  • NDC Sync Banners x8
  • NDC Priorities Infographic Banner
  • NDC Twitter (X) Cover + Profile Pic
  • NDC Congress Updates Space Banners x2
  • NDC Animation Teaser Collaboration with X (Twitter)
  • Apply DAOs Banner x2
  • NDC SMM & MDAO Strategy Infographics x5


  • Develop NDC social media strategy and ensure its execution
  • Coordinate the content plan, oversee the work of the AMA Host, Designer, and Social Media Moderators.
  • Manage the workflow between the NDC Congress, NF, NEAR social media (official and NEARWEEK, etc) and NDC social media platforms.
  • Manage the workflow between NDC social media, NEAR Ecosystem and Grassroots communities

Request total: 13500 USD
5000 USD - social media managers (Rahul Vikash)
2000 USD - AMA host
2500 USD - design
4000 USD - lead

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Thank you very much for your great job and NDC marketing efforts.