NDC Roadmap Announcement: Insights for the AMA

Route To Self-Governance:

NDC is a movement For Equality For NEAR Builders and Creators

NDC Roadmap for the Launch of V1 Governance

The Governance Working Group (GWG) is thrilled to share that after five months of collaboration between it and the wider community, the on-chain governance of the NEAR Digital Collective – V1 – has a formal launch plan. The below provides an overview of where we are in this unprecedented experiment to create the V1 Governance of the Near Digital Collective (NDC).

This document is meant to be supportive of the NF AMA with members of the GWG:

V1 NDC Governance is primarily focused on supporting the grassroots community to continue its work of innovating and developing a decentralized ecosystem.

2023 V1 Roll-Out of Programs:

Over the next six months, an unprecedented amount of activity will happen:

#1: The NDC Awareness and Education

This is the hub for sharing all things NDC V1 Governance for the community: education, information for candidacy, the media hub for all things NDC. It will be a simple, clear way to engage and share.

#2: Community Trust/Treasury Live

This is the trust for the entire community. It is the vision for us to move forward with all of the granting for grassroots to be implemented through NDC. NDC will be THE place for funds and moving forward, the NDC will also weigh in on ecosystem-wide funding.

#3: Finalize Constitution and V1 framework based on community feedback

Through Polling, Workshops, and Feedback, we will lock in the NEAR Constitution (for the entire community) and NDC V1 Governance.

#4: Voting mechanism live

This will be the initial NDC V1 platform to run all of our elections, adopt governance and manage funding.

#5: Adopt the Constitution and V1 Governance Framework

We will ALL weigh in and confirm that the current Constitution, as well as NDC V1 to be approved as a framework – YET – we understand that amendments and rules can and will be developed when we have elected government officials/bodies.

#6: Candidacy/Election Process

Now is your time to think about running for office! We will announce the election process in the coming weeks, and this will be your chance to be a leader in the NDC. The community has some very strong leaders with diverse perspectives and views – now, we need to elect you!

#7: First Congress to be held in 2023

This will be our first congress to be held for the NDC as a Virtual Event. This will be a historic meeting of the minds that will set all of this hard work into action!

Next steps:


A lot of work has been done already but it’s not too late for anyone and everyone to join in.

It’s not a community led initiative or self-governance if you’re not involved.

Join calls, participate in polls, discussions, elections and help shape the future of governance.

The NDC is you.


@AugustKinge Lol.

NDC needs an anthem.

"NDC Is you.

NDC is near.

NDC is everywhere you go.



This is awesome, great work from the team, I tried joining the meeting several times in recent times, and most of the time I joined through the link, I never saw anyone there, so I felt maybe I was either too early or late or maybe The link was wrong. however, I look forward to the next meeting. It would be great if there is a weekly post here on the forum tagging the community @CommunityDAO about GWG community meeting so we can have a lot of people tune in to join the conversation. Thanks.


@Hawwal So sorry you’ve not been able to join! We are also on Telegram and use that as a way to alert – it seems the most efficient these days. Please ping me on TG and I will make sure to connect and then PLEASE join. (I am sarahkornfeld on TG) – also, please join us as we roll out the education platform that needs to be truly global.

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Thanks so much, Sarah. I’m actually having some technical issues with telegram, they restricted my account from texting new contacts, could you dm me on telegram, (my handle is itshawwal) I’d appreciate that. Thanks :heart_hands:

You bet! I’ll send it now.

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