NDC and SBT Design Progress

Hi, I want to share recent updates related to NDC voting and proof of personhood and SBT design.

Earlier this year, GWG made few design rounds for the NDC v1 voting (Constitution ratification and elections for House of Merits, and other committees). The end result is to stick to a rule one human one vote and build decentralized proof of personhood based on Soulbound tokens in the spirit of Decentralized Society.

EthDenver MVP

During EthDenver https://i-am-human.app released the beta version with two SBTs:

  1. Human verification using GooDollar face scan tech stack.
  2. OG SBT: person-to-person verification of NEAR builders (community, tech, etc…)

Now the site is down. We’ve got valuable feedback and going through the improvements which will cover better UX (more guidance about what’s happening, more responsiveness) better security and next iteration of the SBT design.

We are hoping to bring it back before Easter to get more human onboarded on the platform, which is required for NDV v1 voting.

SBT design discussion

With the MVP we noticed few shortcomings from the initial design how the SBT should function in the ecosystem.
It’s worth to mention that SBT is more complex than a simple non transferable NFT.

With SBT we need to guarantee recoverability and soul transfer protocol, which is explained in the NEAR Enhancement Proposals: 393. That requires more specialized functions and an SBT registry to efficiently handle the the required protocols, as well as SBT classes, which is required for the i-am-human → spec.

What we learned

  1. Initial version of SBT worked very well, however the nitty-gritty of the way how the Wallet finds tokens, made it not possible to show the SBTs to the user.
  2. Through that we had to update the way who and how is emitting the event (previously the events were emitted by the contract issuing SBT, but the new design is moving it to Registry).


We need to get more feedback for the SBT Design: https://github.com/near/NEPs/pull/393
and we hope to get it finalized ASAP to not block the i-am-human (and NDC voting) release.
Looking for tech reviewers.

GWG is already working to issue more SBT based tokens for the community. Stay tuned.

We hope we will get the best SBT infrastructure in the whole blockchain ecosystem. It’s going to be exciting!