[NCE] Crypto Beer Project into Company

Hi @FritzWorm it was great to meet you in the last video call we had. Thank you for sparking new ideas and your enthusiasm.

I’m trying to wrap my head around this ‘business idea’, as an entrepreneur/investor, I’m failing to see the real purpose of the business and the potential.

Allow me to explain more in detail:
1- what you are presenting is not a business but a marketing campaign to sell your product (in this case the beer).
2- Separate the concept of bringing people into web 3 world - done via meetups (events) and creating a DAO for your brewery.
3- when presenting a business idea, you don’t ask your investors/supporters to pay you to develop your business plan.
4- a sustainable business fulfills a market need, solves a problem and captures value from that. I don’t see this, May be I need more clarity.
5- a sustainable business has a market to serve and a GTM strategy to generate profits. I’m not even sure when you mentioned profits, what exactly you were referring to.

It would make more sense to me if you are organizing meetups, the events are well attended and there is a genuine and general interest in learning more about applications built on NEAR. We would be happy to support the organization of such events with clear goals and measurement of performance.

In summary, I feel it needs a bit more work, the concept is not yet clear enough to show its potential. Let’s avoid asking funds to develop a business plan. That’s is not what our community fund is used for.

I hope these feedback does not discourage you, but inspires you to use your knowledge and creativity to come up with improved ideas and a well thought and developed business plan. Once you have that, our Grants program would look forward to your application.


Hi Fritz,

First of all thanks for your commitment to the NEAR ecosystem and for all the work you do in your various roles.

I am struggling to wrap my head around this proposal - what is it that we are trying to fund, what value is it generating and for whom?

There is a saying that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I am concerned that as NEAR we have a treasury, we are increasingly seeing a number of projects ranging from personal to enterprise that have little to no real connection with NEAR or its community. Attempts to weave these loose initiatives together for funding ought to be carefully considered.

I feel like Crypto Beer is operating, or seeks to operate on the two extremes of the crypto adoption curve - first using NEAR as a payment method (when I believe we are a platform for builders, way more than a mere currency for payments), then as an example of full-blown Enterprise on the blockchain (we are a long way before replacing existing legal structures, currently facing significant regulatory hurdles). These two widely different use cases are a clear example of things that are suitable and needed for a Beer Company, not responding to any need or leveraging existing trends within the NEAR Ecosystem.

I agree with Grace in that the proposal can be greatly simplified: we fund specific events such as Meetups in Venezuela, let’s work on having KPIs for attendance, speakers, Hackathon participations, etc. Each event has a budget for catering and I would strongly encourage you to be provide your own products (Crypto Beer) to even attendees. To be clear, we would be funding X amount of Beer at retail price for X attendees for a specific event. This is markedly different from funding at entire privately owned beer business.

It goes without saying that if you do manage to incorporate novel blockchain aspects into the operations of the business, this can and should be funnelled through the Grants program, not the Marketing DAO.

Hope this criticism is well received and that we are able to shape this proposal into something workable. As it stands, unfortunately I feel like it doesn’t fall within the scope of the Marketing DAO. I’ll be abstaining from voting in this one for now.


Hello @Grace and @satojandro thank you very much for your feedback, let me explain my plan again and better, with fewer words:

I am worried about what will happen when the funds of the foundation run out

I think the marketing plan is great, people try the application in its simplest form which is as a payment wallet. From there they can learn much more and enter the community and the ecosystem. I believe we agree on this, that the Crypto Beer marketing is a good one.

So the questions is more about why a business right ?

Now, I am asking for a little extra to help me with this marketing plan to survive in time without money from the foundation. About the Crypto Beer Near Company owned by all the community:

  1. It is Community focused with the token as shares and participation using DAOs
  2. The main purpose of the business is to sell Crypto Beer thus doing marketing for free on the long run
  3. It is an example of how a business can use NEAR Protocol on their finances

So, the main purpose is to be able to continue doing marketing for NEAR without the need of funding, and that’s why we asked for an extra of $1600.

A business should always have a goal, and to reach that goal it has to produce money, our business goal is to onboard nearcomers by starting using NEAR wallet buying a beer, and then use it on daily basis, so it is a self sustainable marketing plan.

If this extra funding is a further issue, what should we do with the Crypto Beer proposal then?, can you be clearer on how do you believe we can keep helping, want us to keep running the marketing campaign but without trying this idea of a company, or have any other idea on how to be self sustainable ?

@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit


Hey, just to be clear - this is a long, long, long time away. It’s worth noting that the NEAR Protocol itself has a mechanism that perpetually increases the Community Fund. So I don’t think this is something to worry about now, if ever.

From the White Paper:

To enable continuous community growth and evolution of protocol, part of the inflation (10% of the inflation, or a total of 0.5% annually per initial parameters) is allocated to Protocol Treasury. In the future, these are expected to be managed by the community with the goal of coordinating long-term development of NEAR ecosystem, particularly efforts that won’t sustain themself like future protocol development.


Thank you David for this clarification, I still want us to build more tools that help us to achieve our community goals. You have seen I encourage other members, and help without waiting any reward in a lot of different aspects and projects, and in this regard I will find a way for this to be self sustainable if there is, and this will help the foundation to have funding for other new initiatives that will come. :vulcan_salute: :beers:


No doubt, you’re an awesome asset to the community.

Since this isn’t in the scope of the Community Fund (IMO), why not consider leveraging the existing assets and communities within the NEAR Ecosystem?

I know @rimberjack just raised 300+ NEAR in a token sale on Skyward. This might come with a little more work but it’s a chance to expand your knowledge base as well as acquire funding.

I’m sure the Legal Guild will be able to support you if you’ve any questions surrounding your project.


Awesome, yeah that’s a way ! :100:

And about the marketing campaign with crypto beers you want us to stop that then ?

I want to clarify that there where 3 craft beer companies involve until now, and 7 different locations. Also, we still have funds and we are about to run 2 more events.

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We can still support you on marketing initiatives so long as they adequately include NEAR Protocol and are for the benefit of the ecosystem.

I’m going to move this to Declined


Cool, so I can create another proposal to continue with just the initial Crypto Beer Marketing Plan ?

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Absolutely, feel free!


Hi @FritzWorm just re-read your posts and the comments from council members.

As you know, i am passionate about brewing and beer, but i feel that it is also important to remember that the Marketing DAO is about funding projects that build awareness and participation in the NEAR ecosystem.

I hope that you will continue with your ideas for NEAR BEER and organising local festivals and events in Venezuela. Your reports have shown that you have achieved success in this field.

But its probably best to leave conquering the corporate world of brewing for another time :laughing:


Thank you very much for you kind words :beers:

hehehe yeah, understood ! Case closed :wink:

Thanks all for the feedback @Grace @satojandro @Dacha @David_NEAR

We will try to address the corporate plan still with other means. :vulcan_salute:


Hello again =). Let’s continue working on this project.

Started the Enterprise Entrepeneur Certification course from NEAR University

Village Capital Viral Pathway (Assessment)

Parameter Day 1 Day 5 Day 30
Team L5: Team has clear sales/ops understanding and strategy Looking for Dev & Lawyer L6: Product dev skills, management ability to support a growing team for scale
Problem/Vision L3: The company can articulate why they’re the best ones to solve this problem L4: Articulate system-level change / how this solution would transform the industry
Value prop L2: Team has potential customers who provide evidence that solutions solves key pain point L3: 5 customers and conversations with multiple stakeholders in each L4: Evidence of differentiation through initial target customer feedback that the solution solves their problem significantly better than others in the market
Product L1: Team has ability to develop low-fidelity prototype and has freedom to operate not blocked by other patents L2: Team has a basic low-fidelity prototype that solves the problem
Market L1: Team can clearly articulate total addressable market, the percentage they will capture, and initial target market L2: Team understands any regulatory hurdles to entering the market and has a strategy to overcome them
Business Model L3: Team can articulate projected costs along the value chain and target cost points to reach positive unit economics L4: Team has financial model with cost and revenue projetions articulated and a strategy for hitting these projections
Scale L2: Initial evidence that multiple markets experience this problem L4: Initial evidence that multiple types of customers find value in the solution
Exit L1: Team understands what an exit is and has a vision for how they will ultimately provide a return for their investors L3 Initial evidence that the solution already solves the problem better than any incumbents

** Note: Product in this table is related to the DAO features to control the Beer bussiness process.

Parameters to work level up on the first week:

  1. Problem / Vision: L3 → L4

  2. Value proposition: L2 → L3
    Target trigger points of the customers
    Why early adopters would not like the product?

  3. Product: L1 → L2

Learning Plan

Topic Status Notes Resources
Problem tree :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Trigger mapping :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Rapid prototyping :ballot_box_with_check: Figma
Behavioural economics and nudges :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Market mapping :ballot_box_with_check:
Business Model mapping :ballot_box_with_check: Canvas
Measuring impact-metrics :ballot_box_with_check:
Financial Narrative :ballot_box_with_check:
Milestone planning :ballot_box_with_check: FeaturaMap/Pitch Deck: 1-2
Product Demo Framework :ballot_box_with_check:
3 differentating factors :ballot_box_with_check:
Customer personal development :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Hypothesis and experiment development :ballot_box_with_check:
Planning your first raise :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Investability and benchmarking :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Building a team :ballot_box_with_check:
Investor discovery framework :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Budgeting :ballot_box_with_check:
Tools to run business :negative_squared_cross_mark: DBC - AstroDAO - BrewFather

** This table will be updated soon with link to the resources

Happy to start this process, cheers :beers:


2nd day

This is going fast :cowboy_hat_face:

Problem Tree:

Causes → Problem → Effects

  • Causes:
    Very high Financing Costs from traditional banking systems, with centralized technology that does not allow freely and open participation from the stakeholders.

  • Problem:
    People is not able to control, participate or follow closely their investments. Small Businesses have been systematically ignored or given a hard time by the traditional financial services industry.

  • Effects:
    We are all witness of the Representation on the democratic system, that allows wrong decision making and untrustly management.

** We are also addressing part of the onboarding barrier using Beer as catalyst and creating an example as how others can take advantage of the blockchain technology.

Hypothesis and Experiment Development (pending)

Name of test:

We believe that IF:
THEN the following will occur:
To test that we will:
Our Hypothesis will be verified if:

Origin Stories: Why

About you?

I am a Blockchain Enthusiast & owner of a Brewery.

How you personally came to care about the problem you are trying to solve?

I had fun with the Crypto Beer project, it was just made to have fun and create connections with people, onboarding NEARcomers and building our community by taking advantage that we have our own Brew House. Later, I found this is indeed a good marketing plan as several members of the community are looking forward to run it on their own cities, and I want to be able to help them, and this to be a self sustainable project, then why not to create a company owned by the community and the principal activity of the company, which is to sell crypto beer, will help the NEAR community to run this marketing campaign.

Why is this problem important to you?

I wish we all can learn about crypto, have fun with natural & safety beverages, and be part of business partnerships with full confidence that everything is crystal clear

Why now? Why was this the time to act to solve this problem?

Right now I finally had the opportunity to be part of an awesome community and build my own Guild and be part of several awesome teams

What was the urgency?

There is no urgency really, things need to be made step by step in order to grow organically and avoid to give a wrong step that could damage all the hard work.

Why were you best equipped to solve it?

I am Production Engineer, Blockchain Entrepeneur and owner of a Brewery… and this is about running a Craft Beer Company with on-chain decisions and management.


A world where DAOs are the way Institutions, Fundations, Companies, Governments and Organizations make decisions

Value Proposition

We sell Crypto Beer to NEARcomers, Blockchain Enthusiasts and Craft Beer fans
NEARcomers dont know much about Crypto
Blockchain Enthusiasts wish to participate even more
And Craft Beer fans wish to try new flavours and meet cool people
So, the legacy financial system, the centralized tech, and the crypto onboarding barriers are the problem.
We solve the seed-funding issue through DAOs and the onboarding difficulties chilling a good beer with a nice talk
NEARcomers learn more about Crypto, Blockchain Enthusiast had a great being part of the event or even as owners of the Community Company, and Craft Beer fans enjoyed the drinks
We are different because we are owned and runned by a community.

  • Product: Crypto Beer & Company DAO features
  • Customer: NEARcomers & Blockchain Enthusiasts (Community)
  • Problem: Legacy Banking and Centralized Management
  • Solution: Crypto Beer Events & Company owned by the community

Intro Pitch

My name is Fritz Wagner. I’m Engineer and Blockchain Entrepeneur, leading the Crypto Beer Near Company.

Our Customers have a problem and it is that they wish to have Crypto Beer on their Cities and that they want to be partners on this adventure

We solve that problem by offering shares as tokens, and the control of the company from a DAO with those tokens, thus able to build partnerships with other breweries and build new Crypto Beer Breweries around the world.

We’re different because we have a production design that needs low investment and high capacity and we have experience on the blockchain industry, thus we are able to run this business model on the web3.

The market we’re entering into is the craft beer market that will reach $92 billion in 2025, also from the approach of Crypto that is also a huge market, both growing fast.

We make money by selling Crypto Beer and other fermented beverages.

We have already our first Brewery and few partnerships and look forward to talking with you further.

Differentiating Factors (3)

  1. Efficient: Low investment Brewery with high capacity
  2. Process: Web3 Business Management
  3. Niche: Crypto Beer will attract crypto enthusiast and craftmade fermented beverages fans.

Viral Update (pending)

Parameter Day 1 Strenghts Risk and Concerns
Problem / Vision L3->L4
Value proposition L2->L3
Product L1->L2

Awesome @FritzWorm

I’m very excited.

Just as explained is part of what I had thought in my dreams.

Don’t forget about the NFT’s market based on the registration of the production chain for the origin of each brand of craft beer. Perhaps we should think about this better.

This is the opportunity for all small craft brewers to come together under NEAR Crypto Beer DAO.

We will continue working, count on me :beers:


Hey ! Thank you ! You are onboard now :wink:

Please, you can start right away with the Whitepaper content. :100:



I will be here to see growing project :slight_smile:


Hi Fritz! Nice seeing your project develop! We met in NCE in the first breakout room. Patti

Discord 1:
Discord 2:


Hi Fritz :wave:
Do you wanna to update your project?
it’s been a month.

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Thanks, @Jloc and myself, we have been busy with other activities.

@jblm is the one taking care of the Whitepaper right now