My Dream Nigeria (NGo Event May 2022)

My Dream Nigeria is a Nigerian NGO team founded by 7 youths, my Dream Nigeria is an NGO that promotes and advocates for the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); those are a list of 17 goals that the United
Nations set for the world to achieve by 2030. They include Clean Water and
Sanitation, Gender Equality, Quality Education, No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Climate
Action, and so on.
My Dream Nigeria represents the Nigerian dream; the dream of a better life,
cleaner and more sustainable communities, peace and justice. It is visions like
these that brought the seven youths together to create this team, and invite others to
join in. Representing the hope that every Nigerian, deep down, still has for the
betterment of our beloved nation. And this is why we are hosting a campaign this
month of May called #TrashIt; a cleaning campaign and also an educational
fundraiser whereby volunteers clean a selected community; a percentage of the
proceeds from selling the plastics and other recyclable wastes to a recycling
company goes into education for students.
We believe that we can do our parts in reducing climate change when we educate
others on its importance, and also take action to remove the substances and
materials that cause the said problem in the first place. It is very common to see
materials like plastics, glass, tins, nylons and so on, on Nigerian streets. The
problem with these materials is that they’re non-biodegradable; they never break
down into the earth, only becoming toxic to the planet when they are left on the
ground. The picking up of these substances during #TrashIt is young people doing
our part in stopping climate change, and keeping our environment healthier and
more sustainable. It will also serve as a way to educate the public on how we can
do better to protect our planet, and of course, also sponsor the education of
children from the wastes proceeds.
We believe you will agree that these are necessary things our communities need,
however, we also need certain resources to achieve these great goals. We believe that with the sponsorship of Near, we will be able to do more for our
communities, and Nigeria at large. In the past, we have shown resilience and
success in projects with little to no sponsorship; in 2021, we had an online
awareness campaign on gender inequality; we had an awareness and education
program on mental health, where we went to several secondary schools to talk to
teenagers about the significance of mental health; we also had a campaign on
breast cancer awareness, and so on. What these prove is that if we could do these
with little resources, we will be able to do so much more with resources .

The sponsorship of near protocol will be beneficial to the environment, and in extension, the planet, but also to Near ecosystem. This can be a form of publicity for Near protocol as we will
promote Near protocol as our sponsor on our campaign; mentioning the near protocol to our volunteers,
printing Near logo on our campaign materials, and so on; any method that is
convenient for both parties. This will show to the community that you care about
the environment and our country, a noble value indeed.
Your sponsorship will go a long and significant way in building the Nigeria of our
dreams. It will be beneficial to the community and environment, and you will be
contributing to making our nation healthier and more sustainable. The Near ecosystem community will also be
a part of why some children will get an education, building a country with literate
and noble citizens. it will also help the NGO, My Dream Nigeria,
as some of the proceeds of the campaign will go to the NGO too, further helping us
to do more humanitarian work like these.


Bandanas : 25$
trash bags/ nylons : 5 $
Gloves : 5$
Hand sanitizers : 9 $
Hand wash : 12$
face masks : 4$
trashit posters : 5$
printed Near and trashit T shirts ( 10 tops for communitie team members : 72 $
Near $ trashit jotters : 50 $
smaller items like cardboards, pen, paper, pins , tissue e.t.c : 5 $
water : 4$
food and snacks : 136$
Drinks : 20$
10$ near wallet activation for 7 volunteers : 70$
Instagram ads and promotion : 10$
Total Budget : 428 $

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On the 18th of june 2022 My Dream Nigeria with her volunteers went on a road trip to Eleguishi beach lekki lagos, to clean the beach, gather recyclable materials such as plastics, nylons and tins and save the ocean from marine pollution.

contents from the event

Near wallet activated at the event


At the end of this event, My dream nigeria was able to achieve her desired goals which was to keep the ocean clean, raise educational awareness and introduce her volunteers to the near ecosystem.