Hey team,

I am putting together MetaBUILD 2 with external partners to reduce the load on the our team given NEAR CON.

DevPost can do almost all of the logistics and they have a huge number of hackers already in the network (~1m).

DevPost team are suggesting to run it for longer: at least 2 months. And launch hackathon same day as announcement - because it doesn’t make sense to pre-register for hackathons from their perspective (and they run 100s of hackathons).

Considering this, I’m thinking of setting up launch it at NEAR CON and run until Jan 8 with closing ceremony on Jan 9.

The work from NEAR’s marketing team will be activating our community and making sure we get PR around that. My consideration that it should be easier to get included into PR cycle if we are going to have one for NEAR CON already.

Wanted to check if there are any considerations from your side?

I know there is a plan to launch Growth Hackathon as well at NEAR CON - how can we best coordinate with that?


Awesome :tada:

I believe the Hackathon, headed by @ross, is set to take place throughout November (correct me if I’m wrong, Ross), so they’d definitely overlap.


This looks great. Announcing two hackathons (For Developers and Marketers) at NEARCon is a good opportunity to use the media coverage we will already have during the event. As we are targeting two different audience, I don’t see a problem with run in parallel.

Please make an intro to DevPost to ensure we will provide the required support from the community and marketing/PR side.


Exciting to hear that we are being proactive and strategic with timing and building on the momentum. Let’s keep in touch with some of the winners of this last hackathon whose work we can, want, and should highlight. @Matt_Hussey - lets all discuss how to integrate this in the broader announcement plan.

@ross is leading the MKTG Hack.

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This is awesome. The marketing bounty competition will run from November 1st - November 30th. There will be 40 sponsors each with a $10-$50K marketing bounty they want solved. We’ll be marketing the event to around 90K marketing agencies of 1-10 people.

There is an amazing opportunity to invite devs to cross paths with the marketers so they can get ideas on what marketing tools or viral projects they can build that will help the marketers in their campaigns. Judging will occur from Nov 30-Dec 15th. And marketing campaigns the marketers submit could include their intentions to use tools that are being built during the developer hackathon. (The developers could even be in those proposals as being paid for their time … and they would be if the proposal wins)

the original plan for the marketing bounty competition was to include developers working on marketing tools on near like (Linkdrop V2 launching October 3rd) then introduce those tools to the marketers who would end up using them. It’s a little out of order because in this case the judges may have to judge marketing campaigns that include unfinished dependencies (the tools by the developers … if they’re still under development)

Over all it’s a great idea to have developers work with marketers to talk about

  1. what they should build that has proven market demand.
  2. tools they could build that the marketers want to use right away

you could even have specific tracks for the developers “build the best NFT store” and the same track for the marketers, “How would you best market an NFT store?” So the developers are incentivized to do the best work possible knowing there is a marketing campaign waiting for the winner.

in short, let’s chat @illia


Glad to see us prepping well in advance. We’ve been talking to the hackathon guild and they’re super interested in getting involved and supporting the next one. In fact, the team had already put in some ideas.

What’s the best way for them to get involved at this point and support?

cool. it seems we try to spell build correctly for MetaBUILD II ? :rofl:

just one question, will we have worldwide local hack nodes in the next hackathon?

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