EthDenver Constructive Feedback

Hey everyone! We are presenting a retro on EthDenver on Thur, Feb 18th, 2021. Open sourcerers are requesting feedback. Here’s what we want to hear from you:

  1. From your perspective, what did DevRel get right at EthDenver?

  2. What could we have done better?

  3. What was missing? What should we do next event/workshop/hackathon?


I have some feedback from within DevRel! Next time, with a bit more time, I’d like to make a TLDR cheat sheet of talking points/links to centralize what NEAR is, is up to, and CTAs of what people should do/look at, which all speakers/workshop hosts/hacker support/booth volunteers/random attendees can share and use consistently. I sort of did it this time, but ideally it would be ready in advance and have a bit more substance on messaging (which I’m currently working on improving/centralizing anyway).


Would love more coordination around amplification of what NEAR is doing at Event X.

Wider team support e.g. team members in the talks / virtual networking / etc… these are great moments we need to capitalize by having a strong strategy, knowing what we want to get out of the events and having the whole team taking action.


I thought of another one, which was actually first raised by @chadoh - we should have more women speaking and representing NEAR in the future. The NFT panel was diverse and Dani did the Colorado panel, but we contributed to a few “manels”: all of NEAR should be thinking about this, but since events are highly visible and signal a team’s values, we should always be asking ourselves how we can improve.


For Chinese or any other local community specifically, I’d like to see our post about ETH Denver or X Event / Hackathon be published at least 1 week before the event starts, in the local media, so the participants may get prepared beforehand and can register for the events earlier.

The local community POC (like me) should connect with other global team and get prepared for the event and have all the useful information shared to the community earlier. This time I think I just joined around the time ETH Denver starts and didn’t get the chance to get it ready earlier for Chinese community, but definitely we should do that for future events.

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  • I think if we do have another online event perhaps a slide deck could be created for all the different channels we should be monitoring and solutions on how to optimize our outreach with each of the developers
  • I saw that veertly was added onto the excel sheet a bit late in the week and while the learning curve wasn’t high I still feel like I could’ve optimized it better in terms of making the most out of it to connect and meet new people
  • I think also maybe a cheet sheet of “networking prime time” including location/platform and events could be very useful
  • Maybe even a “mock conversation exercise” so we can have an idea of what striking up a conversation with someone can be like and get some practice in on how to streamline technical conversation to connecting with the person/ have an idea of what questions to be on the lookout for