Meta Pool on Venezuela during September 2023

I’m pleased to present the tasks I have carried out for Meta Pool in Venezuela during the month of September. My main objective has been to create educational content for people in my native language. To achieve this, I have performed the following tasks:

  • I have written four blogs for Medium on different topics and activities within the Meta Pool ecosystem.

  • I have created several threads on Twitter with important content that promotes the advancements and involvements of Meta Pool in its services and the community.

  • I have produced two videos. One video promotes Zealy’s tasks to encourage more users to participate, and another more detailed video where I explain how to stake AURORA tokens in Meta Pool and how to place the staked tokens into Trisolaris farming.

I sincerely appreciate Meta Pool for providing me with this opportunity and their valuable guidance in creating educational content. It is an honor to contribute and participate in fostering interest and understanding in topics related to cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). I am committed to continue promoting education in this ever-evolving field and look forward to further collaboration with Meta Pool to drive the growth and adoption of these technologies.


Keep forward @skyempire !