[REPORT] Meta Pool on Venezuela during March 2024

I’m pleased to present the tasks I have carried out for Meta Pool in Venezuela during the month of March. My main objective has been to create educational content for people in my native language. To achieve this, I have performed the following tasks:

I have written one blog for Medium about Meta Pool’s alliance with Swing.

I have created four threads on Twitter with important content that promotes the advancements and involvements of Meta Pool in its services and the community.

I have created one post in NEAR Social about the Promoting the use of Voting Power to vote for Validators.

I have created one video for X about the Validators.

I have created two Youtube Short about mpDAO Grants and Recap of February on Meta Pool.

I was also have to space section on X with great women who are building on web3 and another with Irving Cancino about the work of a Validator.

I have produce 5 video distributed on Tik Tok one about the featured news from Meta Pool and another about the new task in Zealy, on Youtube about What are tokenomics and about the new Zealy Sprint and X about What are validators?.

As well as another activity, I make two infographics, one How to use the Meta Pool SWAP and 5 reasons to use Voting Power.

I have also created 1 threads on Warpcast about ETH Staking on Meta Pool.

Also made a post on Reddit about the advantages of liquid staking in Meta Pool with Solana and a Blog on Linkedin about the Tokenomics Reset on Meta Pool.

Hoping to continue contributing to education and web3 with Meta Pool and continue growing personally.