Meta Pool on Russia during October, 2023

Meta Pool on RUSSIA during October, 2023.

I glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool on RUSSIA during the last month.

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about Meta Pool DAO is always looking for enhancements and enhancements to achieve multi-chain governance (not an easy task). The vision is to provide users with the ability to stake their tokens on various blockchains to promote decentralization and fully participate in the decision-making process of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

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about The Meta Pool team is approaching the last quarter of 2023 and it has already been a few weeks since the launch of their liquid staking token (LST) on the Ethereum mainnet called mpETH.

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about Meta Pool, a leading cryptocurrency mining pool, is actively involved in supporting Latin America by providing funding through the staking mechanism. This partnership with Latin America allows for the creation of a sustainable ecosystem where investors, miners and other participants can interact and collaborate, generating profits and driving development in the region

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aboutOn October 14, Meta Pool decentralized autonomous organization, mpDAO, ratified the “Governance Tokenomics Relaunch”, designated MPIP #3. This proposal implements significant changes to the governance of Meta Pool, expanding its presence to the Aurora, Ethereum and NEAR blockchains. This evolution aims to create a multi-chain governance system consistent with Meta Pool’s current offerings.witter was involved

A video was also made A video was also filmed and posted on X.

Well, of course, how can you not do without videos on YouTube?
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Bravo Aleks, Nice job mate