Meta Pool on Peru & Bolivia - September 2023

I am glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool on Peru and Bolivia during the last month.

During the month of September 2023, I carried out a series of activities related to promoting Meta Pool in the local community, collaborated in organizing an IRL event and sharing introductory topics to get to know Meta Pool and the purpose of the protocol.


1. AMA’s

Ethereum Bolivia: DEMO Liquid Staking

On the stage of the Ethereum Bolivia event, we conducted a theoretical and practical workshop where we explained how Meta Pool works, how to stake, and the importance of BOS.

IRL Event: Explorando el futuro con blockchain ¿Qué es Metapool?

In this AMA, we discussed the importance of staking, liquid staking, and the differentiating factor of Meta Pool. Additionally, we talked about Gitcoin Grant 18.

AMA in Twitter: Embajadores Web3 - Staking Liquido y DeFi: Expectativas y experiencias con Blid.

In this X Space, we talked about how Latin America views the DeFi and Liquid Staking landscape. We discussed the importance and differentiation of Meta Pool and how crucial it is to focus on education to solidify our position in the Web3 ecosystem.

2. Blogs post in Medium:

  • ¿Governance in Liquid Staking? Everything You Need to Know About Metapool and MPIPs
  • ¿Gobernanza en Liquid Staking? Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre Metapool y MPIPs [Spanish]
  • Types of Liquid Staking Tokens
  • Tipos de Tokens de Staking Líquido [Spanish]
  • Meta Pool y el apoyo a proyectos sociales en América Latina [Spanish]

3. Twitter Threads:

  • ¿De qué va los Meta Pool Improvement Proposal?
  • NDC Governance
  • Type of liquid staking tokens
  • ¿ Cómo funciona el SSV (Secret Shared Validators)?
  • First MPIP active
  • First MPIP results
  • Hablemos del Sistema Operativo Blockchain (BOS)

During this month we are happy to announce the following numbers.

  • [ +120] attendees to AMA’s
  • [ +4,500 ] # of views on x threads
  • [ +1200 ] # of impressions on LinkedIn

¡Thank you!


Thanks @blid ! Keep the great work!