Meta Pool December Summary: Filipino Community Engagement

December was a vibrant and eventful month for Meta Pool enthusiasts, marked by numerous achievements that served as exceptional gifts from Meta Pool to its community.

I am delighted to share these accomplishments with both the broader community and my local community. Here are the activities that I have communicated:

Video Content on Youtube:

  1. How to Vote for Your Favorite Node Validator in Meta Pool:
  • A step-by-step video guide simplifying the voting process for users in the Filipino community.

Medium Blog Posts (4 Articles):

My blog posts for this month highlighted Meta Pool’s diverse achievements and initiatives. “Record-Breaking Grants, Increased Staking, and a New Era of Transparency” focused on Meta Pool’s milestones in grants and staking, coupled with a commitment to transparency. “On your mark Zealy Sprint Go!” detailed the impactful Zealy Sprint 2 initiative, while “A Comprehensive Overview to Analyzing Meta Pool Metrics” provided an in-depth guide for better staking decisions. Finally, “Casting Your Vote for a Decentralized Future with mpDAO!” promoted community participation in governance, underscoring the importance of decentralized decision-making.

Twitter Threads (8 Threads):

My twitter thread contents lat December covers about, Meta Pool celebrated a significant milestone, reaching 18 million NEAR staked, marking its impact within the community. The platform offered insights on navigating Stader Near staker within the NEAR ecosystem and announced a special opportunity for Ref Finance users to transfer and lock their tokens with Meta Pool. In a collaboration with Q Blockchain, Meta Pool launched an exclusive early access initiative. This was complemented by Meta Pool’s Christmas Campaign, engaging the community in festive activities. The platform also integrated Q Blockchain, enhancing its capabilities, and encouraged community participation in voting for their favorite Node Validator. Additionally, Meta Pool highlighted the advantages of earning through liquid staking, showcasing its commitment to innovation and community involvement.

AMA Event:

  1. 2023 Recap with Snowman Network:
  • An insightful AMA event where l was invited by Snowman Network to discuss key highlights and learnings from Meta Pool and Snowman Network this 2023.

I look forward to sharing more successes and initiatives from Meta Pool in the coming year. Thank you

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