[Approved] Podcasts with GOAn musicians and recording clearer quality flutes

Hallo NxMians

I’m planning to do a series of recordings in different places with different musicians. Then to upload it on Tamago as a podcasts, and to promote Tamago with it. (In June I helped to create account and upload music for 4 musicians)

After getting funding I gonna purchase Microphone Zoom that is needed to make recordings.

In the next month I will upload on Tamago at least 2 Jam sessions recorded at different places.
At least one session will come from jungle with birds and crickets. And promising Continuously uploading interesting Jam and practicing sessions with different musicians.

Funding that is required for this project:

Microphone Zoom H3-VR 250$

And on 250 $ I can purchase 3-4 flutes in different scale from master.

While the approval was coming I record on session with my fone
Check it on Tamago



A Decentralized Audio Streaming Platform

My Tamago page is TAMAGO
and instagram Instagram
Now I’m really keen to create more relaxing and meditative content along with other good musicians whom I plan to onboard to NxM. create wallet and show how royalties work for us.


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happy to see your idea written and proposed here !

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Hello @Pover, thank you for the proposal.

It’s kind of fresh idea and really interesting to me personally, just want to clarify something:

Is there anyway that you can connect your products & the musicians you onboard with NxM in a closer way? Since I don’t see so much “NxM element” here in the proposal. If you have any idea to engage with NxM community more it would be great!

To make sure this proposal has clear metrics, could you also give us more info about what outcomes we can expect after 1 month-time from the project?

Thank you!

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Hallo @williamx thank you for replying :pray:

About the connection musicians and my products.

I will upload recordings with NxM label on the cover picture on Mintbase and will share royalties with musicians.

In one month I will upload 2 nice record Jam with percussionist and other kind instruments on Mintbase and Tamago with the label NxM on the cover.

And I ll prepare one recording from forest with flute. I want to show how nature is reacting on music.
I will also upload it on Mintbase and Tamago. With sign that it’s powered with help of NxM.

After all, musicians with whom I gonna perform I will call theme in NxM. And we will collaborate together for rising quality of the classical music.

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Hi @Pover over thank you for your proposal.

Happy to inform you that the proposal has been approved. Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

cc: @williamx @rhymetaylor


So great about this :pray:

Practicing and excited to present something nice.

And good ideas getting on the way.


Hi @Pover, congrats on your approved proposal! Please confirm your near wallet here before we proceed with Astro DAO transfer proposal, thank you!

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Thank you @williamx @rhymetaylor @Monish016

Waiting for VR recorder and dreaming about interesting ideas turned on VR space and web3 technologies…

My near wallet pover.near

And great respect to @johanga from GOA DAO for providing help to grow step by step to many people​:pray::sunny:

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@williamx you missed my proposal on Astro :slightly_smiling_face:


@williamx @rhymetaylor @Monish016

I tried to cover the problem that musicians getting grants for their projects but don’t giving ideas how to make internet 3.0 more interesting for people.

I created the channel on tamastream.io

where I upload Live Performances by musicians whom I met. And sharing it with them.

Musicians happy to hear themselves, sharing their music with friends, starting checking tamastream.io and getting know about NEAR Protocol. Then I explaining them about NxM.

Good Idea

About myself. I need to purchase new higher tuned flutes from master Ram Ashish who living in Delhi. Then I can play compositions with voices with enjoy.

Requesting to transfer 50% from required amount.

Practicing and embodying ideas to reality.


Hi @Pover, thank you for the report.

Just wanna quote out if you can share some progress on this before we can move on with the final payout?

Thank you!


Thank you very much! @Pover could you please create a transfer proposal on the NxM Astro DAO asking for the remaining 50% of the proposed amount, and don’t forget to attach the report link!


Thank you very much for supporting, I received everything. Flutes on the way.


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