[Report] Chill and Shill - March

March Founder Support Initiative Report

In March, NEAR Chill&Shill proudly launched the Founder Support Initiative, a dynamic program aimed at providing comprehensive support to founders and their projects within the NEAR ecosystem. This multifaceted approach encompasses engaging Twitter Spaces, insightful articles, and captivating video content, creating a platform for founders to showcase their projects, articulate unique value propositions, and connect with a broader audience.

Twitter Spaces (hyperlinked with listeners counts):



The Founder Support Initiative by NEAR Chill&Shill took center stage in March, delivering a series of engaging Twitter Spaces, informative articles, and captivating videos. Our Twitter Spaces, featuring projects like sheisnear, pulsar finance, Coreto DRS, and more, attracted substantial listenership, fostering connections between founders and the NEAR community. The initiative also produced impactful videos and threads, ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic showcase of the innovative projects within the NEAR ecosystem. Our commitment remains steadfast in propelling these projects forward, contributing to a robust, interconnected ecosystem while spreading knowledge about NEAR and its outstanding projects far beyond its boundaries.