Marketing Town Hall (aka Marketing Overview) Deck, Feedback & Next Steps

:wave: Hi everyone. I just wanted to touch base on Marketing Town Hall today. This was the first time our current team ran a “Town Hall” type of event so feedback is super helpful.

:arrow_right: Here’s a copy of the deck :arrow_left: that was shared. Almost 100 people attended the event and over half stayed for the entire session.

Many of you reached out today after the Town Hall – thank you. :raised_hands: We’ll be sending around a survey to collect more feedback so we can improve future experiences.

Here’s some snippets of feedback we heard today: :point_down:

  • In hindsight, the name Town Hall wasn’t quite right for what the Marketing Team was hoping to accomplish. :thinking: We think if it had been positioned as a “Marketing Overview” - then that would have been positioned better and helped managed some expectations. Past Town Halls have had a very specific flow and previously had been tied to an announcement of some kind. We can see how this may have been confusing. Moving forward, the Town Hall format will stick to previous format. :muscle:

  • We get a ton of questions on what marketing is… and isn’t. We hope today gave more context around this and are thankful for all the support from our community.

  • In the future, we’ll mix up presenters more and cut down slides. Sounds like there was a lot of helpful information to digest so let us know below if you have any follow up questions.

  • Looks like we have some more work ahead to help guide communications around partnerships and tiers. We’ll be following up on this too. :+1:

  • We heard some mixed feedback around tone – some felt it was “corporate”, others thought it hit right tone for being informative. Sounds like we can do better around balancing between the two. We try to embrace the kaizen way - continuously improving. :100:

:point_right: :point_right: :point_right: Be sure to also drop us a line at Open Brand - NEAR Protocol if you’d like to share more thoughts and ideas on how we can improve.

The NF Marketing Team


Want to check out the slides?
:point_right:t3: Marketing Town Hall - Public - Google Slides

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Just wanted to add in here:

The most recent presentation was probably the best marketing presentation and overview in Crypto that I have seen to date: It was professional, extremely analytical, comprehensive and also mindful of the community and the different types of stakeholders involved in the protocol.

Really big thank you to Tinsman, Yadira and the rest of the NEAR Marketing Team. I think this is invaluable work that will pay dividends into the long-term future. And while our community is still young and small, these efforts are gamechangers.

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Thanks for this @Ozymandius. It meant a lot to our team. You understood the value of the content and heard the message we were hoping to convey – which is we are organizing, unifying, and want to show others some ways we can collaborate together with thoughtfulness and strategy. We’re trying hard to break through silos and noise to widen outreach in new ways. We hope that deep dives like this indicate that NEAR has a bright future ahead.

We have such an amazing community. I appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback.


If you attended the Marketing Overview Town Hall and would like to provide feedback, please take this ~2 minute survey.