Legal Guild Monthly report Aug. 2021

Relevant Legal Guild actions, as Aug. the 30th -2021:

  • Addition of two new specialized lawyers to the team, formed by 6 active members.

  • Currently assisting 11 projects inside of the ecosystem.

  • Creation of use-case scenarios and playbooks, based on their relevant experiences and legal needs for further sharing with the community.

  • Publishing a bi-weekly legal analysis based on the hottest topics identified after talks with different projects in our medium channel

  • Finished an article with a collaborator in Australia/Singapore sharing insights on Business Ops lessons for Crypto Project founders.

  • The creation of a KYC / AML Playbook based in the current experience of a core community within the ecosystem, that will also help any project using the NEAR token as a payment/reward method.

  • The creation of an International Mobility Playbook for the Lisbon City Node

  • Creation of different use-cases covering a variety of problematics, to be shared via our upcoming website:

· ¿How could a DAO tokenize (NFT token), Intellectual Property rights and then operate with it? with a project based in Canada.

· Issuance of a token (security + governance) for an Australia/Singapore based project

· Software licensing and liability with a NEAR Academy project

· Identification of best legal environments and legislations globally for founding a Crypto company

· KYC/AML considerations for token issuance: pre and post launch

· Cybersecurity considerations for projects and communities

· Data management and security good practices and policies related to blockchain/DLT integrations. Based on the experience of two different projects based outside of the EU with an aim to operate globally.

· Implementation of a blockchain based conflict resolution system on a Venezuela based project.

· Legal implications of reusing Open Source code to create a new product, based on the original one.

  • Designed a joint strategy with Sankore 2.0 to cover a legal analysis on the current crypto-situation in Kenya and opening channels to engage with the legislators there: already identified the current situation in the country and engaging with the key local players.

In progress: to connect with local entities to finally be capable of engaging with the legislators and policymakers in the country.

  • To develop a common strategy with the NEAR Head of People, to create a more business ethical culture inside of our communities, also focused on equality and inclusion

  • To assist the Head of People jointly with the Legal Counsel with designing a “Pay practices system” specifically, token incentives or compensation in tokens, to build a “shareholders” mindset and leverage tokens.

  • Exploring our inclusion in the NEAR Wiki project, as suggested by Eric Trautman to participate in the creation of an Legal Wiki + Index of relevant legal documentation (Introducing: NEAR Legal Guild - #2 by nf_erik).

-Designing the creation of a Near Legal Academy to provide legal formation to the community to share a course that we designed focused on Cybersecurity and Privacy for developers.

  • Creating a Legal Internship program, to identify and include young legal talent inside of concrete projects and under our supervision.


Since our official launch we have been exponentially growing and settling up base inside of the community.
The team is currently composed by six specialized crypto-lawyers located in different countries (Switzerland, Dubai, US, Netherlands, Spain, Colombia). We are also covering a variety of legal fields after our help has been requested by a growing number of projects: currently we have eleven ongoing and aimed to create use-cases that we will share with the community, once we have our website ready to centralize the guild information flow.

The Legal Guild requests the amount of (1000 NEAR) for website development , that would cover the most urgent needs that we are currently having and set to start immediately:

    1. Branding (~3h, $200)
      1.1. Creating a corporate identity
      1.2. Selection of several color scheme options
      1.3. Creating a logo, improving it, if it already exists
  1. Prototype (~24h, 500$)
    2.1. Creating a prototype of the site pages
    2.2. Drawing prototypes of various forms to fill in
  2. UX/UI (~40h, $1300)
    3.1. Creating navigation elements inside the page
    3.2. Creating templates for forms and fields
    3.3. Creating the final design of all page modules
    3.4. Creating a general website design based on UX rules
  3. Sub Pages (~20h, $200)
    4.1. Drawing of side pages
    4.2. Drawing of document forms
  4. Adaptive design for different type of screens (~16h, $450)
    5.1. Creating an adaptive design for alternative device resolutions
    5.2. Adaptation of all navigation elements to alternative resolutions
    ~$25 per hour

  1. Hosting (~2 h, $60)
    1.1. Hosting preparation
    1.2. Create files, create a connection to a website via ftp
    1.3. Installing CMS
    1.4. Testing CMS
  2. Site layout using HTML JS and PHP: (~40h, $1200)
    2.1. Prototyping website layout
    2.2. Creation website layout
    2.3. Creation of scripts and forms
  3. Deploy: (~25 h, $750)
    3.1. Integration of the created layout into CMS (Wordpress)
    3.2. Customizing Forms
  4. Website functionality testing (~17 h, $540)
    4.1. Form validation
    4.2. Checking the work of scripts
    4.3. Checking the functionality of mobile layout
  5. Filling the website with content (~5 h, $150)
    ~$30 per hour

Additionally, the guild requests the amount of 400 NEAR to reward two of his most active members for their contributions during the month.

The total amount additionally requested is 1400 NEAR.


Thank you @LegalGuild Santiago and Contributors for the work you are currently undertaking in support of our Ecosystem Projects. I really like your vision with the website and the database you want to build in order to facilitate guidance to projects.
Send my appreciation to the contributors, we welcome their interaction here in the forum as well.


@LegalGuild we are working on a plugin for wordpress to accept Near as payments or using your smart contacts. Possibly using croncat to intergrate to be able to use subscriptions. We will be intergrating with the wordpress app MyCred. You can join our discord at Socialmeet Meritocracy Club