Legal Guild Monthly report sep. 2021

Monthly report Sep. 2021

Relevant Near Legal Guild (NLG) actions, as Sep. the 30th - 2021:


  • Finished: use-case collaborating with a NEAR core community, issuing recommendations for Software Licensing and Liability when sharing Open Source code

  • Finished: KYC/AML and Due Diligence policy, based on the situation of a core community in the ecosystem

  • Finished: an International Mobility package guide for a community based within the EU, and set to cover the basics for other Node communities

  • Finished: use-case with a project inside the community, issuing recommendations for NFT`s ownership and licensing, as well as the creation of a legal entity for tokenization purposes

  • Finished: use case scenario/playbook, covering recommendations for issuing a token in different jurisdictions and its KYC/AML implications

  • in process: use-case related to data protection and privacy for collecting sensitive information (India based) in connection with the GDPR and main privacy legislations.

  • in process: collaboration with S2 to create a framework for crypto-assets in Kenya

·These materials will be available to the public in our website, that will be finished in the upcoming weeks.


We keep regularly posting legal articles analyzing the main legal concerns in the NEAR-verse.
With special mention to: “Legal Basics: Smart Contracts”, “Business Ops Lessons for Crypto Project Founders” in collaboration with Verida, and “Digital Identity in Blockchain”.


  • Finished: “Privacy and Cybersecurity for developers” ÂżWhat kind of considerations should be addressed from a security and privacy point of view? before, during and after designing my application.
  • in process: “Intellectual Property Course: software licensing and open source content”
  • in process: The courses will be made public via our “Legal Academy” in the upcoming months.


  • With the Open Forest Protocol: Articles and legal assistance
  • NFT Club: Creation of an NFT airdrop campaign for the guild. Also drafting recommendations on ownership and intellectual property considerations for NFT artists.
  • With, to expand our areas of expertise


  • Internship program: added a new intern to our team. Actively interviewing process open.
  • Added a new legal team member: specialized in crypto-taxation.


  • New project: collaboration with the NEAR Core, to participate in the Wiki project , and to create a legal part displaying useful legal content to make it available for the community.

  • Creation of a course with NEAR Academy, to make available for the community

  • Panel at the NEARcon in Lisbon: The NLG will coordinate a panel in the upcoming event to cover the legalities of DAOs. We will cover the main topics and concerns relevant to this type of organizations.


Good morning! May a have a link on the course ? Thank You!

Where is the internship program information?

Thank You

Thanks for your interest in our educational courses and also to become an intern within our guild.
All the content and news will be made available in our website in the upcoming weeks. Do not forget to check our channels while our site goes online, so you don’t miss anything.

To apply as an intern please contact us at attaching a copy of your CV and a motivation letter specifying your relevant legal experience/interests. After reviewing your candidature our team will contact you for further steps. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

If you are a lawyer and are interested in becoming a member in our team, you can use our form for contributors
In case that you are a project member of the NEAR ecosystem you can use our Requests form.

You can join us at our telegram channel where you will be able to introduce yourself and join our conversations and updates.
Do not forget to check our twitter and Medium for news, articles and much more.


Our collaboration is going to be very fruitful for our NFT community.


Thank guys! Informed my friend who was over 15 years experience about the opportunity.

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Please forward him to the aforementioned collaborators form.

excellent . great work