Launch of Nearscope - Next generation explorer and analytics for Near

Hi everyone! we’re happy to announce the release of Nearscope latest version. Here is a list with the new features:

:globe_with_meridians: Global:

  • Testnet network support
  • Added new currencies
  • Several UI/UX improvements

:chains: Network dashboard:

  • Network overall performance chart
  • Validator list with All validators option (active, proposal, kickout)
  • Added columns to validators list: APY, stake ratio, …

:boy: Delegator page:

  • Account info card improvements
  • New charts: unstaked balance, total earnings, validators commission

:desktop_computer: Validator page:

  • New badges for displaying update and pool size warnings
  • Added synchronization info
  • New charts: connected peers, blocks/chunks production, network commission, APY, earnings, …
  • New delegations section with:
    • charts: stake distribution, stake concentration, liquid pools data
    • delegators list

Always willing to hear from the community, contact us at

For a more visual explanation :bar_chart: visit our recent blog post:


Here are some screenshots of Nearscope platform: