[January] MV Traders of the OWS: Candidates for moderation and teaching [Until April]

Hi Neareans and Sandboxers,

Hope you are all starting the year with the right foot, that could be the left too, just wish you all the best this 2022. :blush:

I am glad to collaborate with this new chapter on the Open Web Sandbox and give a warm welcome to MV Traders a community that is continuing to onboard members into the OWS and NEAR and to help us all to understand more about Trading, so now looking for new members to become part of the Team.

This time we are looking for several members:

  1. A Trader Instructor Leader with 5+ years of experience in trading and crypto who inspire confidence in the students and participants


  • Drive education content and teaching strategy about finances
  • Conduct research to discover featured tokens on the NEAR network
  • Organize and run price prediction contests
  • Principal Jury on price prediction contests
  • Instruct the members of the community through courses given at least 2 times a week
  • Collaborate with the growing of the OWS as key partnership
  • Establish and cultivate relationships with other trading communities
  • Keep the NEAR community informed of opportunities about Staking, Liquidity mining, IDOs, trading in general.
  • Be attentive to possible doubts that arise and the moderators cannot solve
  • Post a monthly report on the forum


  • Experience in public speaking and giving conferences on trading
  • +5 years of experience with cryptocurrencies
  • Knowledge in different trading styles like Elliot price action
  • Capacity to use any technical indicator and charts
  • Advanced knowledge in DeFi

The estimated time of workload is 1-2 hours daily and 10 hours/ weekly

:100: Reward: 600 USD :100:

Mineria.virtual#2296 mvtrading.near

  1. Two Moderators with trading knowledge, 2+ on crypto, and who can always maintain a pleasant conversation helping to guide and grow the community.


  • Constant attention to the doubts and comments that are generated in the groups, both in writing and verbally, since there will be an interactive graphic that will make the community very interested.
  • Intermediate basic knowledge of trading and centralized and decentralized finance, experience serving clients, good writing and modulation, understanding of English and Spanish languages
  • Taking care of the community that will share a good time having fun with price prediction contests and learning about trading signals


  • Be patient with difficult questions about the price movement
  • Capacity to use always the best words, remembering members that we dont give financial advice
  • Intermediate knowledge of trading and DeFi
  • Experience serving clients, good writing and modulation, understanding of English and Spanish languages

The estimated time of workload is 3 hours daily and 15 hours/ weekly

:100: Reward: 200 USD each :100:

AlexChateau#5142 alecaseg.near
Theabdil1403#0873 abdilchangir.near

  1. A Video Editor, preferely a contributor from the OWS with proven contributions so will be able to understand better the needs and goals of this project

Responsibilities: Edit videos from the meetings and interactions, and synthesize in the most appropriate way the classes taught in the different courses and talks that will be given through the discord platform and meets or zoom.

The estimated time of workload is 1 hour daily and 5 hours/ weekly

:100: Reward: 200 USD :100: (edited after review)

Shubham#5607 shubham007.near

  1. Content Manager who must generate a campaign that will attract the interest from both the community that is already within OWS and MV Traders as new members that will be onboarded

Responsibilities: It must manage to generate a campaign that is interesting both for the community that is already within OWS and MV Traders as well as the new members that will be onboarded

The estimated time of workload is 1 hour daily and 5 hours/ weekly

:100: Reward: 150 USD :100:

Naby22#6454 nabi22.near

:star: DM me with a brief description of your previous experience to schedule an interview or ask questions :star:



Good morning!

I believe $600 unfair rewards for this kind of work, $600/40 = $15/hr (min wage in many USA states).

For instance, Merchant’s analytics get $2200 a month. Content manager $150 vs $825 in Merchants.

My main question is

Why do you onboarded the project into Near Ecosystem if we already have Community Driven organically growing Merchants of Near guild?

Dear @Grace @AnaNastya why we need another one trading guild/project in Ecosystem? Why it managed by OWS moderator who is a partner in MV? Probably, it can be covered by Near Venezuela guild budget or Merchants of Near.



Hey @FritzWorm

Thanks For this Wonderful opportunity .

I like to Apply for Moderator or Video Editor

I have all the Skills which you are looking for a project

About My Experience-
Worked with Near Project ( Mintbase ) , SheepDex, DeFiner, OpenLevreage, Coinsbit India Exchange and Brokoli Network

Near Protocol - Mintbase
This is My first Journey as an Ambassador
As an Asian , I am an Community Moderator and Moderator in Social media Platforms - Reddit
Creating memes and videos
Creating buzz about NFTs and Educating People about project through Audio and Visual
Cross Promotion with other Project in Near Ecosystem and also Organizing AMA whenever we need .
Working on Community Channel help people and Solve their Query

As An Asian Community Admin
Working for project As team building and Educate project to the people
Organizing AMA for further Growth of Project
Collaboration and Crosspromotion with Other project to get more user engagement
Twiiter Space and Telegram Voicechat to Entertain and Make Community Active ,
Running Social Media Campagins on Facebook and Collaborating with KOL for futher project Goal and Increasing Project Highlights

Brokoli Network
Here I am an Ambassador and Brokolians for the project
My main Taks to promote the project all over Socila media platform by creating Graphic and Video’s , Memes and infographic .
Also try to conducting AMA and project Growth talks on twitter space and Telegram Voicechat
Creating Airdrop form , Gleam and Other Sources to getting leads of people
Running Some campaign on Poocoin as Add Campaign for Attention to user’s and investors

:sparkles:Community management
:sparkles:Business development
:sparkles:Photo Editing
:sparkles:Video Editing
:sparkles:Content Creation
:sparkles:Social media

I am a very resourceful person and will be very glad to work with your team. My content creations are truly eye catching and helps drive a lot of traffic.

I can help in growing your community through telegram community management, post adverts for your company. And help in the community growth part of it.

:rocket:Social Media​:rocket:
Medium Profile



My portfolio ( Including Graphics and Motion Graphics Videos )

Hoping to hear from your side.
Thank you very much for your time.

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I asked firs about cross collab with @Merchants_NEAR directly on a call, but they wasnt interested at the time. And I can understand that.

Why @Dacha we can not have several wallets, dexs, or similar projects with different approaches ?

Nothing is wrong with them, this is a different approach, for teaching for sandboxers.

This guy wants to bring his own community into NEAR, why cant we help him as he is going to onboard and teach about trading, also to the SPANISH speaking community that is being left aside.

Until now, nothing, and the highest payroll now will be 600$ per month

We will be monitoring the growth on our discord server interactions and the reach of his campaign

We dont have any budget until now, we had never received any $$$ for Guild activities so far, will love to receive it and we will for sure support this kind of actitivies.

This is not up to me, but I believe it is fair.

And this, it was obviously previously discussed with the OWS team, and it was not just my call, and again, I first opened the cross collab opportunity for @Merchants_NEAR


Ok, thanks :wave: Makes sense.

No problem with that . I put attention Ecosystem DAO councils that you a partner in the MV project, Spanish ambassador in Merchants of Near and moderator in OWS.


Dacha I am 25/8 around here, just like u, so I am partnered with everyone. The only guy around that is my partner on real life haha is @Jloc


Im quite interested in the moderator job. Have some experience working as a moderator with some projects

Here is a link to CV

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Oh my, this is so true:)

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Interested in the marketing role

Hello dear Sandboxers and NEAReans, the positions are filled by now. Will update you if anything, thank you all for apply.



Hello there I’m interested in community moderator

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I am interested to do teaching and the qualifications are of similar match please let me know how we can go forward

Good evening! Could you please share information about people who were onboarded in OWS for MV traders project? Thank You :blush:

Hey guys, anybody from you ? @expressuser @Albhion @TudorKrypt @Ubongj @NFTlord @Sofia_Alum

Did you get any feedback from @FritzWorm ?

Ps: if it interesting for you, I wrote information about onboarded contributors in the project here

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Hey Dacha good day. I did not get any feedback and not part of the program

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Hello @Dacha I didn’t get any feed back and I’m not part of the team

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Hey @Dacha , Good Afternoon I am the Part of MV traders Team and working as Video editors and Creatives part .


I didn’t get any feedback and I’m not part of it

Again, this is a personal issue, creating drama, claim dissmised

Thanks, as always, I share the participants information with the project team that is asking for collaboration, in this case, it is a close collaboration with OWS where you as a Sandboxer have done an excellent job @Albhion thank u



Really Appreciated, Thank you so much for this opportunity :handshake:

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