[Introduction] ZON-Verse

Introducing Zon-Verse

Zon-Verse is open to all comic lovers, creators, and storytellers to collaborate and create a Verse on the Near platform that enriches the ecosystem with a narrative that is contemporary, expansive, and creative.

Zon-Verse is a DAO that creates a series of comics bringing together many brilliant minds telling their stories and creating their characters. Writers and artists create together to bring the many characters of ZON-Verse to life.

The characters will become NFTs and fund the further development of more characters on more and more planets in the Verse. The comics will be sold and eventually become the storyboards for movies much like “Marvel on blockchain”.

The potential is endless and the amount of talent that could be included is endless. The concept is broad and open to allow for the individual freedom of artists and writers to express their creative selves under the umbrella of ZON-Verse.

@ZexonNerotaki - Art Director, Illustrator, conceptual artist

@Rabukome1 - artist, illustrator, character creator

@Mr.Menace - Writer, character creator, conceptual story writer

@dee.alice - writer, scriptwriter, conceptual creator

Artists and writers can join the core group by invitation. Creatives are welcome to join Discord for discussion and young people who are keen on learning the art of comic creation will be guided by Zon to reach their unimagined full potential.

Our goal is to release a comic every month portraying the character’s backstories and entry into the Verse where all unfolds in time.




Our DAO link: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/zon-verse.sputnik-dao.near

NEAR WALLET : zexonomeganerotaki.near

Discord: ZON-Verse