Introduction to NEAR GoaDAO

Thank you @marianeu for creating on mintbase two store for artists and musicians

I will spread people about this opportunity

@shreyas I’m wondering, how to measure wallets that we’re creating as a guild, and here there is a question - if is it possible to create a refferal link - to open new accounts through it - to count such wallets automatically and with opened results?

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Generally looks good to me. I leave it to the DAO verticals to review and provide the funding.

  • 25 curriculum people with NEAR wallets on Paras, pluminite

This one isn’t very clear to me. Are you saying that you’ll get 25 out of the 50 people to create an account on Paras or pluminite?

Exactly! Start small, show results and then scale up.

Good question, I dont know of any referrals for wallet creation. However, there is NEAR Linkdrop and NEAR names, which will allow you to set up people with NEAR wallets. Alternatively, given that there are just 20-30 people attending these events, i would just get their NEAR wallets in a spreadsheet or something to keep track from each event. You can then plan out activities so that you can check who is active after a week or month from that event.

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If we make 50 wallets

I mean 25 people i guess can be still active , with transactions and creating NFT and etc

Just idea

I can say u exact information only after one month of our acitivity