[introduction] the fashion and style dao

My name is Omotola David Grace. I’m a fashion designer,stylist,crypto trader and an educationist.
I interact with a lot of youths and other fashion designers in my area and I’m eager to help ease them into the NEAR ecosystem.

Council members:
@Davidgrace_2, @proudlymimi

Fashion is a form of self-expression and autonomy at a particular period and place and in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture - Wikipedia.

The fashion industry is huge and influential with global sales and proceeds running into billions (sometimes, trillions) of dollars yearly.

Considering the the great influence fashion have globally, and its proven capacity to generate massive following, it is no doubt a step in the right direction to create an avenue for NEAR and indeed Web 3 as a whole, to take advantage of the huge market and also consolidate several fashion and style-related use cases.

It makes me happy to introduce the Fashion and Style DAO.

Goals And Objectives

  • Create valuable fashion use cases for Near

  • Onboarding through fashion and style-related events

  • Creating massive traffic and footfall to NFT Stores on Near by …:

*Creating ingenious fashion related NFT projects.


We already have the near Style and Merchandise DAO

You can collaborate with us…
@FritzWorm @adrianseneca

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@Dabbie3229 got your msg, but our dao had been registered and there is a lot of room for collaboration.
You can check our dao out, @ Fashion and style on astro and its not just one persons thing you can as well join the council members, Since you have the same initiative in mind.

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Wow, this looks great to me. I love fashion too and I don’t mind being a part of the community.

@Dabbie3229 I believe we can all move this together or what do you think.

Lest I forget, since this Dao had been registered. I as a person could use it as a stepping stone and since you have the same in mind and you still looking for funds, why not let’s move this together.

Hey bro, the evidence is all up on the governance forum, our registration was weeks earlier than yours and on Astro earlier than yours.

Just so you know fam

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It’s alright bro
So what’s the name on astro?
I love it

hi huys! great to see @Davidgrace_2 you’re moving towards your intense :slight_smile:
but, you forget to mention our project that you’re informed about, it is already going -
the collection is almost sewn, then photoset is scheduled and after it will be minted. so next month we will look for 3d-designers through bounty on forum with purpose of creation same collection but as 3D-NFTs that can be wearables for Metaverse (NEARhub at first).

as far as merch is concerned, since March goadao with designer/NFT-artist @Manumission have started to create first T-shirts

tshirt back

and then - stickers

then in April we continued producing stickers

and keychans

in May we’ve prepared merch for NFT-Metaverse Summit for approx. 400usd . every hidden sticker was found and gifted there, we’ve returned from Bangalore back to Goa with nothing printed at all - people on the Summit were collecting our stickers for creating memory about the event and NEAR, and all.

so in June its evidently for us that we have to create and produce more cool merch, just only - with better understanding of distributing, that can be doing through NFTs also, not on physical events only. we will continue all this activity in any ways because it’s fun :slight_smile: it makes people smiling, and because now we have a certain plan about its realization (that will appear on the forum in some time later)

Now, meeting this conversation, i feel necessary to remind how it was started from our point of view, when in March we wrote:

and further you can see the rest plan.
we’re learning from this project many valuable details, that would be able to evaluate in future.
for the NEAR Fashion it has to be another timelines comparing to usual NFT-projects for example, because there are a lot of steps depends of physical reality, like ordering special materials for dresses…

now i propose all of you/us to decide and write here, which elements/items/objects who is interested to produce for NEAR Fashion . so at least we might be start to take the whole picture of fashion-related projects - to compose it to common path.
then we all have to ask Creatives Moderators if it could be funded or not :slight_smile:
according to this

I’m so sorry
I love what I see
Good one boss

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I have multiple fashion ideas and i will wish to be part of this DAO in other to engage more people