Hello Near and all those who may read this introduction. Thank you dearly for your time and may the following find you all well.

@Free & @inakes would like to present Onenone.

A universal collaborative art/design firm which focuses on “Bringing the past to the present while presenting the future”….

By Partnering with artisans to produce modern artifacts, existing within the intersection of physical and digital realms

The name is referenced from the words one / none combined to create the word onenone pronounced O ne no ne. One n one or one of none, we wish for the culture to decide which is preferred. Either way, it’s a name to explain the rarity of the artifact channeled and the making of something from nothing so each piece is completely hand crafted for the stewardship of only one.

As a firm we plan to not only produce in house, produce through collaboration, but also operate as a quality stamp for other projects that were not produced by us.

Comparable to stamps of Fair trade, organic, etc etc. This will allow for Onenone and all artisans to mutually benefit through cross promotion expanding each other’s reach while offering the equal opposite of digital / physical.

This quality stamp will be a physical minted badge that will be produced by our master jeweler (Underhill studio) encompassing our logo, NFT code, and the jewelers signature.

As the artifact is passed down, sold, and/or stewarded the technology of NFT will guarantee the artist continued royalty’s and the stewards’ continued responsibility of the artifact (ownership).

Onenone will produce one

Event per year

which will feature all of the artisans and the chosen artifacts, which will be available for both physical and digital presentation.

Featured digital artist monthly

Monthly we will identify one artisan to craft a commissioned piece for our personal collection.

Featured physical artist seasonally
Every season onenone will collaborate with one artist in the physical world to produce exclusive artifacts

Seasonal collection review

In 2023 we would like to begin reviewing our global perception of seasonal artifacts.

Below we have outlined our plans for the following seasons of this year.

Spring season - tending to the land

March 20th- June 20th is the technical dates of Spring in the Northern hemisphere

March - connecting to physical/ digital lands
April - logo, website, social media
May - plotting

Summer - plant seeds

June 21st- September 21st is the technical season of summer in the Northern hemisphere.


Fall - harvest

September 22nd- December 20th is the technical season of fall in the Northern hemisphere.


April - Inakes
May- Underhill studio

@inakes currently lives in Sayulita, Mexico, with the support of Near we would love to offer aligned opportunities for Artist to enjoy residency in exchange of creating Onenone art etc at his residence. @inakes will serve as our first artist in residency.

Currently @Free is located in Europe and has already connected with creatives in Portugal, Netherlands, UK, Spain, and Germany.

As we get familiar with all aspects of partnership with Near etc after April and May are completed Sekani plans to travel through Europe starting June to connect with Free and many other affiliates on behalf of Onenone.

Adding in more countries Switzerland, France, and Italy to name a few.

Ultimately we both aspire to touch African Soil this year (maybe early December?) to connect with many forms of indigenous African textiles and craftsmanships.

The ultimate goal is to have access to historical locations and practices on all 7 continents where we can help create continuous equity for the artisans through royalty and authentication/ protection as NFTs etc.