[INTRODUCTION] MetaTherapy - A metaverse based mental wellbeing DAO


Appreciate your questions and doubts.

Allow me to answer your queries.

Therapist will not onboard clients. We will onboard clients and therapists post three months of testing the space with NEAR community members who would want to be participate as users and 5 therapists of different modalities.

As already mentioned in the main post, in Phase 2 we will try to onboard therapists and clients via ads created on social media and a website where they will be routed to.

A backend team of 2-3 members will be created or a chat bot will be created to help them onboard. We will have to look at this at a later stage with more clarity.

There will be individual therapies which will only be amongst therapist and the client and group therapies which will be with one therapist and multiple users.

Council members will collect feedback from therapists and clients post their session about technical issues, how to hey felt in the virtual space, what were pros and cons.

We won’t be measuring the quality of the therapist’s quality but the quality of the experience. If a therapist isn’t good enough a client can always leave and get a new therapist.

Our aim is to provide infrastructure conducive for metaverse based therapies. Which is what we’ll be trying to find via constant question and answer.

We will ask the therapists to share their certificates or license which can be uploaded in the metaverse room and can also be uploaded as an NFT for anyone to view.

I hope I answered your questions.

Please let me know exactly what does not resonate with you and I’ll be happy to reply.

We need your support and constructive critisism so we are able to realise this project with all due diligence done.


Great, ok.
What will be after testing and collecting feedback?

It sounds to me like you want to make R&D for therapists but using funding from Near.
Also You will promote the specific project (NearHub metaverse) - you can ask them for collaboration.

Why doesn’t it resonate with me? Sorry, I think therapists need to have direct contact (face-to-face) with the audience, they need to feel and see emotions, facial expressions, gestures.

Hi @mr_free,

I’m Sanaya, part of the proposed council and a practising Psychologist.
As seen in the pandemic, mental health practitioners all around the world have continued to work online. People have seemed to be more willing to come and talk about their issues especially if they know the therapist is not from their city/country.

While seeing facial expressions and gestures is important, people have been able to open up more with the idea of therapy being accessible through a voice call or just an audio call.
And over this course, the therapists have also gotten a hang of it.

Once this kicks off we can definitely try to inculcate some sort of a video call if it’s necessary but from what we’ve seen so far, an audio call has been as effective.
At the end of the day, therapy is about creating a safe space for clients to be able to voice their issues whether that’s just through audio or video.

As for the testing and collecting feedback, it’ll only be used to make the users have a better experience in terms of being able to share. Our focus will be to explore how comfortable the users are in our therapy-specific designed metaverse spaces. The feedback will be from therapists and users about the quality of their sessions and their experience in the Metaverse. This will allow us to tweak and make changes to our designed spaces in the metaverse if needed.

The User always will have the option of going for in-person therapy wherever they live, this proposal is for people who find it hard to step out of their houses and share their problems with others.

Hope this helps clear your queries :slight_smile:


Hello sanaya,

Thanks for the reply.
I am happy that you want to help other people, but I didn’t understand why NF will need to sponsor the therapy for some individuals, how measure the result and impact to Near Ecosystem, also how it relates with crypto (excluding word metaverse) and have many other questions.

  1. In future people who will be on-boarded will be paying the therapists using Near protocol via Near wallets. So all the on-boarding will happen for NEAR and the number of users in the ecosystem will grow.
  2. NearHub will develop spaces for therapists to hold therapies in and for custom spaces for clients will be designed by NearHub too, which will again be on Near protocol, so the payment done to NearHub will also benefit Near ecosystem.
  3. It will be amazing for Near protocol’s goodwill and brand value.

If a new ecosystem is built on Near all the transactions will happen using Near. The more the space grows the more number of people will be onboarded the more transactions will happen on the protocol.

but I didn’t understand why NF will need to sponsor the therapy for some individuals
Near is not sponsoring someone’s therapy. It’s called Beta testing the space.
We’re trying to develop a product here which could have millions of potential users. Don’t you think it makes sense to test the environments first?

You can’t take a space live without testing it. This will help us develop a better product.

how measure the result and impact to Near Ecosystem
For the demand and size of market please refer to the post mentioned below.

A service developed for a market size that big will only benefit NEAR.

We will test how clients feel in metaverse in order to be able to develop a better experience and service. So when outside people are on-boarded on near for Metatherapy they don’t leave the protocol due to lack of testing and not looking at grey areas.

Phase 1 where money is spent on testing is so the Phase 2, the Launch phase allows us to be prepared with basic issues that any user might face. Hope this makes sense?

also how it relates with crypto
No idea what this means.

and have many other questions.
Please ask direct questions, however all the responses I’m giving you are already answered above.

Let me know if you still need explanation and we can get on a call as well.

  1. Not exactly, The therapist will get the payments/profit
  2. Not exactly, The Nearhub (independent project on Near, and as I know commercial) will get payments/profits.
  3. Probably, but not exactly, It couldn’t be proved.

If it’s beta testing, so you provide R&D. Someone who asked for this R&D could pay for it.

New here and checking in on how this effort is coming along. I run a network of 6K therapists in the US and are looking to leverage this network in a therapy-focused DAO.

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Hi @mhmryan1

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