[INTRODUCTION] IDNFT (Indonesian NFT and Web3 Community)


Hey, shoutout to derymars from NEAR Indonesia and the other folks who helped us get onboarded in the NEAR ecosystem. Appreciate it, guys!

I’m Santosa, representing IDNFT (Indonesian NFT and Web3 Community). IDNFT’s vision is to support Indonesians in embarking on their NFT and Web3 journey by embracing, educating, and empowering them. Our membership includes NFT creators, collectors, Web3 developers, and those with an interest in crypto, blockchain, the metaverse, and the world of Web3.

IDNFT’s mission is to enhance the accessibility of NFTs and Web3 for Indonesians through knowledge, guidance, and community support. In doing so, IDNFT assists Indonesian creators in building a solid foundation. To achieve this, IDNFT regularly organizes events to educate both creators and the general public.

We have a membership exceeding 8,000 individuals spread across Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Bali, making us the largest NFT and Web3 community in Indonesia. We collaborate with over 15 prominent universities in Indonesia through the Web3 on Campus Program, working together on education, research, competitions, Web3 adoption, and more. Additionally, our City Roadshow program, including events like TEMU (NFT and Web3), is designed to promote Web3 adoption throughout Indonesia.

We aim to foster the growth of the Near Ecosystem in Indonesia through our regular programs, such as Web3 on Campus and TEMU NFT and Web3, which typically attract 250-500 participants per campus for Web3 on Campus and approximately 100-200 participants for TEMU NFT and Web3. We firmly believe that our programs can have a significant impact on the Near ecosystem in Indonesia.

We’re pretty sure that NEAR Protocol’s got some wicked tech when it comes to blockchain, and they’ve got this killer vision to help onboard billions of peeps into the Web3 world.

Honestly, I’ve been keeping tabs on what’s been going down in the NEAR ecosystem in Indonesia, and I gotta say, the way the regional reps, dApps founder, members, and external peeps are all working together is pretty damn impressive. They’ve got some tight teamwork going on!

To learn more about IDNFT, please visit us on:

Instagram: ttps://www.instagram.com/id.nft/*

Discord: ttps://discord.gg/idnft*

Telegram: ttps://t.me/idnft_official*

Twitter : ttps://twitter.com/idnft_*

Web: ttps://idnft.id/*

IDNFT Program Channel

Web3 on Campus : ttps://www.instagram.com/web3campus/*

Beyond Canvas: ttps://www.instagram.com/beyondcanvas.id/*

IDNFT Academy: ttps://www.instagram.com/idnftacademy/*

Thank you for the warmth welcoming,
looking forward to see collaboration together

Warm regards,
Representative, IDNFT


Glad to see you here, welcome onboard! @santosa

I think you couldn’t mention links here since your account is new, lemme help you posting that

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/id.nft/
Discord: IDNFT
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @idnft_official
Twitter : https://twitter.com/idnft_
Web: https://idnft.id/

IDNFT Program Channel
Web3 on Campus : https://www.instagram.com/web3campus/
Beyond Canvas: https://www.instagram.com/beyondcanvas.id/
IDNFT Academy: https://www.instagram.com/idnftacademy/

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Thank you so much, Mas Dery, for the warm welcome and for the guidance. I’m really glad to be here. I can’t wait to learn and explore more

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