[Introduction] Golden Blue DAO

Guild Name: Golden Blue
Guild Leader : @squattingPigeon
DAO : to be launched on Astro following approval and funding
Location : Lisbon Metropolitan Area

Council Members:
@Mette (mette.near) , (tolga.near) @squattingPigeon , zarya.near


Mette :
Mette Slot Johnsen is a cultural producer specialised in live music projects. Originally from Denmark she lived 19 years in the UK and moved from London to Lisbon in 2020.
She is resident at Arroz Estudios and part of the Arroz Criativo DAO council.
More here: www.byraev.net

Zarya Austin-Fell :
Zarya Austin- Fell is a blockchain curious visual artist and musician, originally from the UK now located in Lisbon since 2020. She previously founded a non-profit gallery space in Brighton, which hosted exhibitions for local artists. In Lisbon, she has been a resident at Anjos 70 and has exhibited at Curva and EGEU.
More here: https://zaryaregina.wixsite.com/artist

Tolga / @squattingPigeon
Tolga is an A.I. Scientist, Composer and DAOist. He has experience of working with Major Labels such as Mercury records. In the field of A.I. he has done research at Goldsmiths - University of London for a research centre that has advised the United Nations. Originally from Paris, he has lived in London for 18 years prior to moving to Lisbon in 2020. Recently, he operated as community manager for Arroz Criativo DAO and collabed with various DAOs within the Near ecosystem.

Dear community members,

Please meet Golden Blue DAO, a new promotion venture focusing on creating economically sustainable music/art events highlighting the work of artists from under-represented populations.
Furthermore, we aim to take these events away from the city to the surrounding areas of Lisbon to reach new audiences and put a spotlight on local scenes and the path less traveled.


  • Putting on music and cross disciplinary art events in physical spaces outside of the typical city centre venues.
  • Programming and choice of all collaborators will be focused on artist who identify as female or non-binary. Or who are in other ways under represented in the field.
  • This programming principle will guide our decisions but not override a quest to present the best artists and crews in spaces which compliment their art and amplify their intentions.
  • introducing and educating all involved to web 3 tools and the Near ecosystem.

Schedule :

At the moment we are planing a yearly Festival called Isodea Festival and possibly a live event every quarter or 2 months. Our first Isodea Festival is currently planned for the 21st May.

Feel free to join our TG channel is here.


Hi all,

Together with @zarya.near and @squattingPigeon I’m very excited to present Golden Blue to the ecosystem, and hopefully introduce some new artists and creatives the possibilities of cultural event production and governance on the blockchain.

I will be posting some links which are related to Golden Blue’s programming principle and ambition to broaden representation in live music, both onstage and off.

Looking forward to hearing thoughts and comments!