[Introduction] DR DAO

We are thrilled to introduce DR DAO, a vibrant and dynamic Regional Community DAO of Dominican Republic within the Near protocol, with a mission to foster a thriving Near community in the Dominican Republic. Our primary goal is to create a robust and supportive community hub in our domestic region that educates the general public on all-things-Near and fosters collaboration among Near blockchain enthusiasts.

Who We Are

DR DAO is composed of passionate and dedicated individuals who share a common vision - to build a strong and inclusive blockchain community in LatAm. We are a diverse group, including blockchain enthusiasts, infrastructure experts, marketers and developers, all driven by the shared mission to create a positive impact in the region for Near network that is going to last.

Our approach is Near.social-first

We’ll actively encourage our community members to use near.social. We’ll do this by sharing the Neardrop links and promoting the platform’s features in our communications. Our team will make all educational materials, news updates, tutorials, and infographics available on near.social 1 hour before the web2 media. In this way, the relevant content will attract more community members from regular socials to the Near.social.

Near.social will host all of our community activities, including quizzes, meme contests, and AMAs. As a result, the platform becomes an integral part of the community’s experience. Near.social will be our primary platform for establishing partnerships and performing product testing. As a result of this strategy, we demonstrate the versatility of near.social and our commitment to making it a central part of the NEAR ecosystem.

Stay connected with us via our social media channels:

• Telegram chat channel: Telegram: Contact @drdaocommunity

• Telegram announcement channel: Telegram: Contact @drdaoannouncement

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/drdao8

• Medium: drdao – Medium

• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@DRDao

• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drdao8/

• Near Social: Near Social

• Near Linktr: drdao | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

Stake Hunterz Initiative:

The members of DR DAO are excited to introduce the Stake Hunterz Initiative - a project that aims to encourage the creation of user-generated content about Near blockchain and its ecosystem, tailored to the exact interests of Near communities across the globe and improve the overall performance of all RC-DAOs via a gamified, organic incentive model for RC-DAOs to perform better in terms of community growth and engagement.


The goal of the Stake Hunterz initiative is to DAOs and their communities in a single performance contest with simple rules to achieve better and more steady performance, community engagement at the level of each hub in an esprit de corps-like movement. This way we ensure that each RC-DAO posts a content contest each two weeks on average, grow the single contest check, and, then, grow the bounties as the communities increase.

This way, each day, the DAO on a bounty duty — as according to the bounty schedule created, agreed, and further maintained by the Stake Hunters initiative’s stakeholders — will attract the creation of Near-related UGC in various forms by the exact groups of people NEAR strives to onboard right now.

The last but not least, this way, RC-DAOs are going to be using the promotion budgets to market the idea of learning, exploring All-things-Near directly to the target audience - which means we’re also going to be more flexible in terms of targeting, bc the schedule is to be built in a way so that each hub has more chances to kickstart the local community vs pushing the Near related information onto the prospective community members using socials.

We believe that this initiative can have lots of potential benefits to Near Network, including 24/7 content posting, increase in the amount of user-generated content and engagement, broader public interest to all-things-Near and lower bureaucracy for small-check contests on the RC-DAO level. So, if we’re able to reach an agreement with all — or at least some of the other RC DAOs — to test the initiative, we’d really love to run this​:slightly_smiling_face:

Our Goals

Through the Stake Hunterz Initiative and member participation, we have a clear set of goals:

Fostering Collaboration. We aim to create a vibrant and supportive community where Near enthusiasts can connect, collaborate, find seamless ways to contribute to the Near ecosystem and share insights, fostering a strong sense of community and cooperation.

Driving Participation. We encourage our members and global public to explore innovative solutions introduced by Near and its ecosystem, and award ideas that contribute to the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem in Dominican Republic and LatAm.

Expanding Near’s Reach. By building a strong community of blockchain enthusiasts, we seek to promote the adoption and understanding of Near technology across various industries in the Dominican Republic and the LatAm region.

How to Join

We welcome all builders, content creators and blockchain enthusiasts of the Dominican Republic to join the DR DAO and the discussion of the Stake Hunterz Initiative as well as other Regional DAOs to be part of the DR DAO . Whether you are an experienced blockchain expert or just starting your journey, we invite you to join our community and play a vital role in shaping the future of blockchain technology in LatAm.

Next Steps

For now, the members of DR DAO are only starting their journey in the Near ecosystem, so we’ll start with onboarding more people to the communities in Socials outlined above. Meanwhile, we’re eager to discuss the Stake Hunterz initiative with other RC-DAO members to define the best fit for the content contest schedules as well as the rewards required for Participants. Stay tuned for further announcements and updates as we embark on this exciting journey together. Let’s work hand in hand to make the Dominican Republic a thriving hub for Near enthusiasts, contributors and collaborators.


Hello brother!
Welcome to NEAR!

Also, welcome to RC-DAO.

I understand you cannot post links now but your account will soon be able to do that.

Thanks and i believe the community will embrace all you have to offer


Welcome!! Glad to see new contributors!


Thank you for your introduction, and welcome to the Near Community.

Please add your team members bios and social media handles too

Take your time to go through these guidelines.



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Hey, Bakaka will do!

The team:

cpvalera.near — Carlos, CEO @ Weavers Nodes, independent ecosystem contributor
11 years of experience in Banking, Security and Compliance
@ cpvaler twitter

— Jonatan, CTO @ Weavers Nodes, independent ecosystem contributor
Over 14 years of experience in System Engineering and developing commercial high-load complex IT systems
@ jonatanmaria twitter

ugsee.near — Denis, BusDev @ Weavers Nodes, independent ecosystem contributor
9 years of business development and management consulting, 4 of which in blockchain companies
@ therealdgorin twitter