[Introduction] Arts & Crypto

It’s no secret that NFTs are more than just the “hype” everyone’s been talking about. The field of cryptocurrency and digital arts has been a hot topic for conversation everywhere, and our team felt that it’s important that people have a reliable source for their information.

This is when Arts & Crypto was formed; a blog with a focus on educating the masses about the world of crypto and developments in the NFT space. Our page aims to provide artists, crypto enthusiasts, and readers with a better understanding of the crypto revolution and the benefits they bring.

Our Medium page - Arts & Crypto, was created 6 weeks ago with the following topics in mind:

  • Crypto for Noobs : NFT, crypto and blockchain basics

  • Development in NFTs and Digital Arts : Daily articles about current trends, upcoming projects, and how Artists can leverage it

  • Bluechip NFT Collections : Information about new releases by well-known or verified artists dropping their NFTs on marketplaces such as paras.id.

  • “How To” section : Tutorials on how to use various crypto platforms like Binance, Huobi, Gemini, MetaMask, FTX, CoinDCX, WazirX, CoinBase, CoinEx, and more

As our team of writers started researching a bunch of different topics to cover, we collectively decided to focus on $NEAR ecosystem projects and started publishing articles about this game-changing blockchain!

Here are some articles on $NEAR and NEAR NFT projects by Arts and Crypto:

NEAR V/S Ethereum: Why are people ditching ETH?

[How To Create a NEAR Wallet]

[ASAC – Anti Social Ape Club NFT Collection]

[$NEKO — First Meme Coin on NEAR Protocol]

[Good Fortune Felines NFT Collection]

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Hope to interact more with the community here on gov.near to collaborate and help each other out!
Do let us know if you’d like an article written about your project, it’d be a great addition to our up-and-coming publication!:grin:

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It’d be nice to create a full-fledged course based on these materials. Now you can find a course for any activity, and entering the NFT is a logical topic. I educate myself through reading blogs, and I have a few favorites. But let’s be honest, a blog is a relatively chaotic place to gather information. Even my favorite youngandthrifty.ca doesn’t seem like a monopolist of information. I’m sure most likely NFT courses already exist, but I haven’t seen them yet :slight_smile: You have a decent foundation for that.