Introducing The Sports, Health And Fitness DAO


It is my great pleasure to introduce the Sports, Health And Fitness DAO.

The Web 3 space is rapidly expanding to reflect and include all the spheres of human endeavours and activities. Sports, without doubt, has grown to become a pillar of human socialisation and existence. Numbers don’t lie, and sports numbers are huge! None of the top 7-8 sports, for instance, has a following of less than a billion fans! Football (soccer) alone is reckoned to have about 3.5 billion fans worldwide - that’s about 4 out of every 8 people in the world. This following is huge, and meaningful engagement of this sphere will have a monumental effect on the growth, influence and [mass] adoption of Web 3 by the entire world at large.

Besides being a veritable source of entertainment, business and socialisation, sports can be a tool to foster fitness and consequently good health. This is definitely in the scope of the Sports, Health And Fitness DAO.

This DAO is meant for the purpose of using Web 3 tools and resources to engage both sports lovers and non-lovers alike, creating web 3 based sports solutions, innovations, and simple, easy-to-use aids for fitness-related health issues like obesity, etc. We are also going to do some work on ESports, Virtual games and incorporating sports and the Metaverse.


  1. Support sports initiatives built on Near

  2. Build an international 5 a-side street-styled football league [Near Amateur League].

  3. Build a tokenized sports ecosystem based on Near Protocol.

  4. Organise sports events to create awareness and engagements with sports lovers - Marathons, etc.

  5. Support health and fitness initiatives e.g. sponsor weight loss programs, build fitness monitoring dApps, etc. on Near.

  6. Work out modalities for streaming and viewing sports events in the Metaverse.

  7. Our most ambitious goal is to create a Blockchain football game to rival PlayStation and Xbox with teams and players minted as NFTs.

We look forward to doing great work with the entire DAO Community on Near. We appreciate questions, contributions and all the help possible to move us closer to our goals.

Thanks for your time, and cheers!



Awesome intro! Really happy seeing more DAOs focused on sports and health in general.
If you need help directing your funding proposals, moderators are here to help!

In order to help the right people read this, I will change the tags from Creatives DAO to Community.

Marketing might also be a good direction when the time for requesting funds comes.

Welcome to the community :star_struck:




Thanks @frnvpr. I appreciate your prompt response and encouragement.

Also, thanks for putting appropriate tags. I look forward to kicking off as soon as some details are worked out.



Hello Gab, we can work on this together given @CommunityDAO

I just had this idea of a sportsDAO and was directed to this post.



Thanks @IgbozeIsrael. I’d love to hear your ideas. DM?


Hi @AugustKinge .

Awesome proposal!

I used to be an active runner at 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon, so I see great potential in this. I think this could be a great way to spread the word about NEAR anywhere.

I’m also a yoga lover, so I hope it’s included. :sweat_smile: :wink:

I wish you much success. :star_struck:


Thank you so much for the kind words @ame

It’s great to see a marathon veteran here resonating with the vision!:man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling::running_woman::running_woman::running_woman::running_man::man_running: We’re definitely up to execute marathon events that will spread the word about Near as far as possible.
You do yoga too? Awesome!!

Please, do not hesitate to share ideas and contributions with us. Please feel free to our Telegram Group

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Awesome idea you’ve got there man


I worked with karate athletes photographing a high performance pilot project for 3 years. Now I was thinking of something with inclusion of underprivileged children in my neighborhood.
Maybe with this initiative I can mature this idea.
Very good project


Thanks, man​:heart: @Clinton

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Awesome stuff @Dazo!

Karate is super cool. We will definitely explore fight/combat sports! Totally join us on Telegram.

It would be great to have you.

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I would love to help in any way !! Already following the group :muscle:

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Thank you. We’ll be having a meeting this weekend. Be happy to have you in it.

My father died a few years ago. He was an athlete and promoted a healthy lifestyle. He’d be thrilled to know that sports life is gaining momentum. Sports games, online games, fitness trackers, and various gadgets for health and fitness brought him great pleasure. I recently learned about the existence of smart scales for the body. It is hard to believe, but I never knew that such a smart scale existed. I ordered them here: . In addition, I plan to buy a new series of Apple Watch. My friend says it’s not necessary. Is it worth buying?

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Hi @CarylFairhurst

I’m sorry for your loss.

I’m glad your father chose a lifestyle of health and fitness.