Introducing the Corpsemen Guild: Crypto Vanguard for a New Climate Future

Guild Name: Corpsemen Guild

Guild Leader(s): Corpseman Jack

Guild SputnikDAO Address: TBD

Guild Location: Global

Who are the OPP Corpsemen?

In one line, the Corpsemen Guild is the community accelerator for the ecosystems of Open Planet Protocol (OPP). We call ourselves the “OPP Corpsemen” in the style of “Navy Corpsmen” because we are an elite task force dedicated to the development of OPP and the OPP community. OPP is the latest of dapps being built on NEAR Protocol, whose mission is to spearhead blockchain solutions to mitigate climate change. The Corpsemen are committed to making OPP succeed because the threat of climate change is real and we believe something like OPP is absolutely necessary in order to get to the net zero goal of 2050 – from which we are still very far. The wordplay of “Corpse-men” is to show our determination: at this point, it is do or die.

Introducing OPP and OFP: Pioneering Climate Solutions on NEAR

OPP is officially launching on July 21st with the first of its many verticals, Open Forest Protocol (OFP). OFP is an open source platform for the communal verification of forest data. The essence of OFP is that it is an infrastructure for storing and validating off-chain reforestation and afforestation data on-chain. This allows for transparency and credibility of forest data, from which OFP can potentially generate on-chain, data-backed carbon credits. By bringing efficiency and credibility to today’s underdeveloped carbon financing markets, OFP will be able to incentivize further forest projects, which means more carbon will be sequestered. NEAR’s fast finality, sharding, and cheap transaction costs, allow OFP to scale projects at the rate we need them to in order to arrive at the 2050 net zero target.

What will the Corpsemen do?

Because OPP brings two distinct domains and audiences together – climate and crypto – it is necessary to be able to speak to both. The Corpsemen Guild aims to be a community-run organization serving as the “face” of OPP for the crypto side. One key aspect of our activity is to communicate the projects of OPP to the general crypto public and educate people on OPP’s tokenomics, blockchain technology, the role of crypto in the new carbon economy. With the OPP token launching in early 2022, another key aspect of the Corpsemen Guild will be to lay out the blueprint of the community structure, initiatives, and overall, serve as the core community pillar for OPP. In many ways, we model ourselves after the 4NTS Guild in the NEAR ecosystem: doing community building, marketing, education, and also serving as the incubator for ecosystem leaders.

For the first few months, we are thinking of publishing an explainer of OPP cryptoeconomics, overview of the landscape of crypto climate solutions, a “why-do-we-need-OPP-for-climate-solutions” manifesto etc for our initial content. There is also a podcast in the works! Let us know in the replies if you have other requests for content from the Corpsemen Guild.

Corpsemen Guild Roadmap

Our preliminary roadmap looks something like this:

The Corpsemen Guild’s activities and objectives will parallel the development of OFP. Currently OFP is in the prototype stage and is looking to go live on mainnet, with the generation of the OPP token, by Q1 of 2022.

During the early testnet phase, we are looking to recruit 10-15 core members who will contribute in terms of researching and the creation of a community content “canon”. Additionally, these core members will lay out the blueprint for the post-token launch community structure of OFP at large.

With the launch of the OPP token, the Corpsemen Guild will expand, recruiting more members to coordinate on social media visibility and communication of OFP to the general audience. This will also the be the period in which the Corpsemen Guild restructures into a DAO, using Sputnik DAO V2.

With the full launch of OFP on mainnet, Corpsemen Guild will position itself as a core community pillar, focusing on community growing initiatives and spinning off into further community organizations.

How can community members get involved?

We very much welcome NEAR community members to take part in the Corpsemen Guild. Our tagline is “crypto vanguard for a new climate future”. So if you have been part of NEAR, speak crypto, and are conscious of the impending climate threat – you would be a perfect fit. In general, we are chain-agnostic in our membership since climate change is a common challenge for all of us, and something that needs our unified effort. This is also why we see a lot of potential for future collaboration with other NEAR Guilds. Stay tuned!

We encourage people who are (1) deeply concerned about climate change and want to do their part, (2) crypto-savvy, (3) interested in becoming early adopters and leaders of a new expansive ecosystem, to join us in the new frontier and become a corpseman.

You can apply on our website: BECOME A CORPSEMAN | OPP Corpsemen


Find us on Twitter and Medium: @thecorpsemen

Keep on the lookout for Open Forest Protocol: @OpenForestProtocol | Linktree


Go Corpsmen! :clap:t5: This is really exciting, particularly educating people on OPP. I am eager to see the overview of the landscape of crypto climate solutions. Particularly for Africa, I see this need as well. #s2-guild (Sankore 2.0) is very interested in crafting a cross collab with Corsopmen, communicating OFP in Kenya.

In the meantime, If there’s anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Great work so far! And good call to action as well!


Welcome @jackcorpse and the Corpsemen Guild! I’ve added the “corpsemen-guild” tag for your use and for ease of reference for your Guild’s activities here on the governance forum. Looking forward to seeing the climate solutions you pioneer on NEAR!

Also love seeing the Guild collabs forming here in the comments :star_struck:

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Hi Corpsemen Guild!
Would love to connect to learn more about your protocol. We may have folks in our CleanNFTs Guild & discord community who could be of help!

Hello Corpsemen
Of you, I like the whole project and I am attracted by what I quote. :eyes:
I am a field biologist and associated as a collaborator to an Global Change laboratory in Venezuela, diagnostic and researching.
I can participate, in principle to create written content. Or, we will see, how I get more involved in the essence of the project to apply OPP and OFP here in the region! …

Give me time to fill out the form on the website :rocket:

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