OnboardDAO is dedicated to onboarding the next billion HUMANS to Web3.

NEAR is both the scalable platform for Onboarding & DAOs. So we have combined the two. We are officially announcing the formation of OnboardDAO, the DAO laser focused on onboarding the next billion users to #Web3!


:dart: Our Objectives

  • Onboard generally to Web3, and onboarding other ecosystems to NEAR through facilitation of Onboard DAO on Astro DAO & Onboard DAO Genesis NFT
  • Create a series of service guilds specialized in the overall Onboarding process
  • Improve onboarding across all verticals
  • Work directly with key ecosystem partners to improve the adoption and improve the quality of key Web3 projects
  • Serve as onboarding arm for new stakeholders to the NEAR Digital Collective
  • Become the defacto touch point for new users Onboarding to Web3
  • Create models to incentivize members to contribute via Ui/UX, QA, BizDev, Support, Talent Sourcing, Customer Acquisition, and Outreach tasks
  • Catch critical bugs & issues, reporting vulnerabilities to the correct stakeholders
  • Streamline product/user feedback to relevant Product Owners
  • Create open onboarding tools and educational materials around onboarding
  • Become a spotlight for underrepresented projects in the space
  • Pipeline to talent appropriate channels / opportunities / employers

:shield: Service Guilds

Get assigned to the appropriate guild by joining the discord (onbaorddao.org/discord) and selecting the appropriate emoji in the #:shield:-choose-your-guilds channel

:wave: Customer Acquisition (HELLO GUILD)

The HELLO guild is the first touch point dedicated to acquiring users for platforms. This guild is dedicated to onboarding users (customer acquisition). Onboarding challenges will be facilitated by the HELLO guild.

:speech_balloon: Customer Service (SUPPORT GUILD)

We work face to face IRL+URL to make sure users are onboarded to your ecosystem, dApp, or product answering questions. creating support tickets of interactions relaying any issue directly to the appropriate Product Managers.

:mag: User Research (UX GUILD)

Web3 is an industry that is constantly innovating back end technology but often neglects critical User Experience research and audits to create the necessary flows to onboard the next billion users. Outside of having our UX Researchers conducting user interviews & beta test, as we onboard to Products, our shop of UI/UX Designers can develop mobile first designs for your Web3 dApp.

:handshake: Business Development (BD GUILD)

We will onboard projects / partners to your chain and ecosystem. We intro partnerships, helping facilitate deal flow. Primarily operating out of referral agreements.

:school_satchel:Education (LEARN GUILD)

Education on onboard to wallets, using NFTs, setting up DAO’s through workshops and activations. LEARN guild will primarily be responsible for creating tutorials, documentation, as well as facilitating workshops.

:spider_web: Quality Assurance (QA GUILD)

This service is especially for applications that are in alpha + beta phase. Outside of User Q/A testing, our guild of QA Engineers. As part of this guild we plan to submit report directly to protocols but also work directly with auditors and bug bounty programs to get critical vulnerabilities addressed by the white hat community.

:necktie: Talent Sourcing (JOBS GUILD)

Leverage our onboarding flow to effectively place talent into roles in #Web3. JOBS GUILD will be responsible for finding job opportunities as well as qualified candidates to fill these positions. This may take the form as posting and referrals or direct sourcing, screening, and onboarding similar to a talent agency.

:mega: Outreach/Marketing (HYPE Guild)

This guild is the defacto "Marketing " guild. Although we do not want to evolve into a marketing agency, this guild will be working closely with all other guilds to get official messaging out, especially with the Hello Guild to help with customer acquisition. Additionally the outreach guild will be responsible for developing graphics, copy, scheduled posts, and direct engagement (outside of customer support) on official Onboard DAO Social Media Channels.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builders (BUILD GUILD)

The primary purpose of the Build Guild is to unite and onboard developers. With a hyperfocus on helping build open source onboarding tools and assisting onboard DAO with operational development needs. This may come in the form of send funds to dev who want to deploy contracts on mainnet who may not have the funds to deploy or do not want to go to centralized solutions to gain funds for deploying their contracts. As part of this service developers can also allocate a portion of their 30% contract fee earnings to the Onboard DAO astro DAO contract.

:paintbrush: Artists (CREATE GUILD)

We provide initial mint funds for artists beginning to bring their portfolio on chain. The CREATE guild will also be responsible for developing assets, recruiting artists, outside of the traditional product designers from the UX Guild.

:ocean: Revenue Streams

  • :necktie: Consultancy Model (hiring Onboard DAO as a firm for direct work like design, custom support, biz dev… very Web2)
  • :moneybag: Bounties (operating as on chai service guilds - funds not in custody of OnboardDAO)
  • :hourglass: Test to Earn (Q/A + UI/UX) on chain contribution programs given to DAO treasury
  • :briefcase: Talent Sourcing (service fee on the employers for hiring qualified leads)
  • :people_holding_hands: “Onboard Challenges” Customer Acquisition / Referral Models for dApps (every user onboarded - bonus for active users)
  • :date: Events / Activation: live onboarding events & activations for brands
  • :socks: Merch (selling merchandise - not too profitable, but swag is a must)

:motorway: Brief Tentative Roadmap

Month 1

  • :white_check_mark: Setup Onboard DAO website, NFT, AstroDAO, telegram, twitter, partner form
  • :white_check_mark: Create governance post
  • Create official OG Onboarders
  • Develop 5 Partnerships
  • Onboard 100 new named accounts to NEAR (HUMANS)
  • Submit first initial funding and grant request
  • Do IRL activation
  • Do first twitter space
  • Grow telegram to 200 (at 20)
  • Grow twitter to 100 + (at 50)
  • Setup Test to Earn program (incentivize users to give feedback for early product release) - channels on discord under “Test to Earn” category
  • Create first onboarding challenge
  • Recruit 10 Designers & Q/A Engineers

Month 2

  • Create a MVP user feedback platform for people to easily put feedback for dApps (starting on discord)
  • Experiment with Keypom Integrations
  • Formalize Guilds & Find Guild Community Leaders
  • Participate/Co-Organize in a Design Hackathon
  • Place 2 People into Jobs in Web3
  • Provide feedback for at least 5 products
  • Onboard 500 users to partnered dApps
  • Initial Liquidity to DAO Treasury
  • Onboard DAO: State of the Onboard Report (outlining the state of onboarding tools, crypto-native and novice sentiment

We are still early (this is the genesis) so the roadmap is subject to change and we do not want to plan too much ahead as we want the initial members to have a significant part in shaping the future of OnboardDAO

:question: Questions To Consider?

  • What are the early roles that are needed (operator? biz dev / partnerships / sales? marketing/social media manager?) How will those members be incentivized before funding?
  • How are we going to streamline partnerships and quantify this for partners?
  • How will we setup retainers to be customer service arms for protocols?
  • Outside the NEAR Ecosystem what will be our onboarding capacity
  • Who will be main beneficiaries? NEAR Foundation? Projects on retainers? NEAR Digital Collective? Marketing Guild?
  • What will be done on Astro DAO vs Wonderverse?
  • What is the membership and workflow process for Service guilds?
  • How will we effectively quantify contributions across different verticals and put it on chain?
  • What are the main communication channels that would be effective for this? (Defaulted to telegram)
    • For initial user feedback we are going to start by creating feedback channels for each product in the Feedback category of the discord onboarddao.org/discord


:shushing_face: (unofficially) Onboarded Orgs


:crystal_ball: Desired Partnerships

If you know anyone from these organizations, let them know Onboard DAO wants to work with them.




  • Anti Social Studios
  • Tenk
  • Pixel 8
  • Invoker Labs





The Need for A Standalone Onboard DAO

There already exists a Onboarding DAO within Creatives DAO [Report] June 2022 - Onboarding-DAO. We believe OnboardDAO itself is its own brand that’s scope should exist outside of Creatives DAO & even beyond NEAR Protocol. We also believe Onboarding itself should have its own sub-daos rather than vice versa. Moreover, an Onboarding DAO should not just hit wallet KPIs, but fill the gaps when it comes back to streamlining feedback, talent, and partnership opportunities to the appropriate stakeholders. There should also be dedicated core members that can champion Onboard DAO as their primary project & keep the DAO active. Additionally, this also comes from a broader initiative to streamline direct user feedback as new products rollout, and as a support to the Onboarding subgroup of the newly formed NEAR Wallet Builders group. Furthermore, OnboardDAO aims to capitalize on the work of BluntDAO in a friendly way. BluntDAO is known on the streets as the biggest IRL Web3 onboarding movement, being notorious for traveling the world and “Proof of Seshing” people into Web3, originally starting in the Solana ecosystem. BluntDAO has never asked for funding in any form and unlike other protocols/projects within NEAR, it CANNOT end. After talking to BluntDAO members they are looking for a PG/friendly structure to quantify and incentivize the onboarding work they are currently doing, that can appeal to potential sponsors, partners, and donors where BluntDAO normally would have turned these stakeholders away. OnboardDAO is a direct response to the question to “How do we make a Blunt DAO that everyone can get behind?”


@minorityprogrammers Exciting and much needed proposal.

Web3 has the tech evolution and cultural revolution happening for it but without people knowing about it and not knowing where to get started, it’s pointless.

Fully support this proposal and would love to have a partnership with BeeHouse DAO and collab on marketing, content creation, and creating educational materials (personally been cooking up an NFT course too)

Will chat more :slightly_smiling_face:


Great proposal!
All our ideas in one place with a clear roadmap.
Excited to be a part of it.


What’s the payment structure for the core team?

Who are the members of the core team and their respective roles?

What are marketing strategies that will be utilized?


looking for a core team to join right now and decide payment structure. Social media like twitter and linkedin right now. Also looking for someone to spearhead the HYPE GUILD for this.


what a thorough proposal, best of luck

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I was just thinking about onboarding DAO under Creative DAO but then I see the highlighted need for a standalone Onboard DAO.


Another idea was to do a product breakdown like Product folks as a way to get feedback synchronously.

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NEAR WORKSHOPS is an initiative by Banayn inspired by onboardDAO Announcing NEAR workshops - #5 by minorityprogrammers, please check it out and support!

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@minorityprogrammers are you still looking to fill the core team?

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Yes will ping you on telegram, also added you to the content working group

Just got it thx.

There’s tons of good stuff there.

Some updates to OnboardDAO

Hello,great proposal! You are great​:+1::+1: