[Internal report} (September) Council report Blaqk stereo Dao


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Hello, Community.
Here is my report as a council of Blaqk Stereo Dao for the month of September.

September was indeed an eventful month in Blaqk stereo Dao with the completion of the:

  • Future is near 2.0 - report
  • 2D animation workshop - report
  • Storytime (Visit to Badagry) report

Which I oversaw working alongside with @Sholaspark @cotmusic

I also managed Blaqk stereo social media pages and they all had some growth the last month.

  • Twitter - 96
  • Discord - 57 members
  • Instagram - 220 followers
Wallets created - 2


Created a new doc on How to request funds from Astro Dao

Votes on Astro - 103