Igor Stadnyk for the House of Merit: Make NEAR Great Again

Hello All,

I have submitted my nomination for the House of Merit and would like to outline what I intend to do within the house if elected:

  1. Support Aurora and the case for an EVM on NEAR: Much innovation is happening right now in L2’s, we have our own L2. But we need to support it as an ecosystem to give ourselves a similar chance as Arbitrum, Optimism and Zksync. This should be a top priority for our congress to make Aurora as competitive as BASE.

  2. Fund Crypto-Native Marketing. We don’t need more SailGP partnerships. We need more focus from Blockworks, Messari, and Crypto analysts. NEAR has become a silent player in these conversations, and SOY-lana does better despite us having better tech. I would strongly push for a crypto-native marketing strategy on behalf of the NDC focused on getting positive visibility of the $NEAR Token and ecosystem to crypto holders and traders.

  3. Bring Liquidity Back: We need liquidity on NEAR if any dApp will succeed. I founded Pembroke finance originally and made it revenue positive before all liquidity fell out. Lets’ bring liquidity back with incentives and alignment from all parties - including Aurora, Proximity, and the NDC treasury.

To vote for me, please check Igor Stadnyk - @iamgalt.near on the voting widget!