[Ideation] Platform for Creator specific knowledge Content sold as art

Platform for Creator specific knowledge Content sold as art

Idea - The idea is to build a platform where creator can sell their specific knowledge that they have created in a field, which is highly valuable to people.

How will the platform work ?

The platform will allow creators to create specific knowledge content, we will be storing this content data on Near. Creator can bring their reputation that they have created by their work to platform in form of advertising to their fan for buying their content, but will have to maintain a reputation on platform separately, which helps to protect user from creators over abusing their power or spamming to get users to buy their content etc… . One of the key issues arise due to this is, new content creator without a existing fan following will have difficulty selling their content to solve this we have a feature where creators can share content with user, where content access is allowed to user after completing specific task created by creator i.e(Research on a given topic, share creator within their circle etc…). User gets the right to use this content (*only paid content doesn’t work for task unlocked content)and share it people if he/she wants it, the creator of content can’t sell this to share to others for a locked on period of 1 year, and only use content for personal use. Allowing user access to share content devalue the content value in future to protect against it, we have incentive for the user to protect content value by allowing user to sell the content again on platform after the lockup period of one year, at the same time to incentivise creator to sharing important valuable knowledge we allow creators to add a fixed commission fee ranging from 1%-15% that will be levied on sale of content in secondary market each time it is sold and paid to creator, to uphold this contract all user owner of content will be bound by contract to pay the commission fee to creator, illegal sale of content will breach the contract and make user liable to lose ownership of content to creator and also liable to pay upto profit made selling content illegal way. Content will be sold for a fee using Near, decided by creator at specific price or start an auction with a base price for a period of two weeks for users to bid.

One of the main purpose of the platform is to allow users make some valuable asset (i.e product , company etc.) by using the specific knowledge content of creator. To create any great thing it takes time and iteration of idea and modification to knowledge we understand this. To allow such creation we want to create a specific collaboration feature between creator and user which is long term and has fair profit sharing agreement. For such a feature to work we need to made a validator and escrow to set a basic requirement to reached to initiate such a collaboration and verification of credibility of both party. It is the most promising feature of platform on basis of impact it can cause and at the same time difficult to implement such a collaboration. I will be challenging to implement third party role in decentralised manner but without it will make no sense to implement this feature.

Implementation Demo -

We have created a dapp that allow content creator to create content and store data in decentralised storage, we will be modifying the dapp to use it for our use case mentioned above. We have attached the GitHub repo of the dapp that will be used as a starting point along with its demonstration video.

Github - GitHub - bhanupsingh77/arigale-cms

video demo - https://siasky.net/AADMjTm4Rdzds5VqJPulXr3I9_8ZecaBJuTQ1kY-qhD3YA

Near account -



Very interesting project. I see how it supports the Creative web3 Community, but how does it support generative artists specifically? I could see this project being governed on chain by a community using a social token or maybe a DAO as well which might be relevant.

I am only asking because I see you’ve posted to the generative art category :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (which is fine, projects can be posted to multiple categories) so it would be great to get more details about how it supports the generative art community specifically for this proposal.

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I just wanted, to compare it Metaphorically to generative art :sweat_smile:, comparing luck, failure, perseverance, etc. that leads to form specific knowledge with generative art inputs randomness, algo, geometry. Before updating it to social Token.


Ambitious project! I see you tagged it within the Social Token category as well - I’d be curious to understand how you plan to use social tokens?

If you end up including a social token element you can propose it to our DAO here: https://www.sputnik.fund/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near/proposals/?#/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near

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