[Ideation] Facilitating performing arts NFTs within Web3

One-liner: R&D into how we can rejuvenate performance arts using technology and innovation

Project DAO: NFT-Onboarding DAO

Challenge area: “Propose your own challenge”.

Project members

  • Steven Rice (stevenrice.near)

Project summary

Are more traditional arts like theatre and poetry forgotten? Or can we pull them up to speed with technology? This project aims to investigate ways Web3 technology can revitalise some of the more traditional performing arts for longevity and sustainability.

Performing arts such as theatre, poetry and live art are some of our culture’s oldest forms of creativity, however in the modern day world of smart phones and social media they are often neglected and in most countries rely heavily on grants and funding to stay alive.

The past decade has seen the rise of digital arts and NFTs, where mostly visual and audial artists have used technology to create new mediums and styles in the form of visual arts, music, soundscapes and installations.

Culturally, we are in danger of again leaving behind our more traditional physical experience based art forms due to adaptability. To change this I want to focus on how to bring these art forms onto Web3 to enable them to find different ways of capturing value and adapt the art forms with new technologies.

To do this I want to bring together specialists from the arts sector, Web3 and the metaverse to understand the requirements of the artists and performers and match that with what’s possible from a technical perspective.

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