[IDEATION HACKATHON] Supporting circus artists through onboarding to NFTs

One-liner: NFTs and VR to support travelling artists by providing a recurrent revenue
Project DAO: NFT Onboarding
Challenge area: “Propose your own challenge”

Project members

NFTs and the VR world have experienced a boom within the last months in the art and music world. But performing artists such as dancers, stand up comedians and contortionists or other circus artists have not been in the picture.

Many of those performers are nomadic and not being considered yet when it comes to the digital art world, even though they have struggled in the last year, especially when their stage (like public places) has been taken away during the pandemic. Even more for travelling performers without a stable current income the digital realm has a lot to offer.

We would like to give support by onboarding them and introducing them to the world of NFTs and VR and its possibilities.

The goal is to create an NFT of a performance, which is also linked to a VR experience and can be transmitted in a virtual space. This will create the chance of a recurrent revenue for the artist and visitors and buyers would be able to experience the spectacle in their own home.

It has advantages for both sides, the artists themselves as well as the event producers.

If event producers or municipal halls would like to organise an event but do not have the option to invite the broad public (because of a pandemic, the lack of space or logistics etc.), they could still make it happen.
By projecting the NFT or VR to a big screen or a virtual space/live stream, the artists would still receive an income even if they would not be able to travel (due to the pandemic for ex.). Culture would be protected, the artist would receive support and the public would still be able to participate in cultural happenings.

It also opens the door for further digital explorations and collaborations within the digital realm for performers.

If a musician would like to mint an audio NFT with a visual artwork, instead of using a cover or photo, a performance could be used. Both artists will receive revenue and exposure and it adds a more emotional level to the NFT itself.

Our collective aims to support all kinds of artists by onboarding them and spreading their work so that they can keep on producing their art. It promotes interdisciplinary collaborations, in the physical as well as in the digital world.


Interesting demographic! Do you have any estimates for how many artists you’ll onboard each month and how many NFTs you’d plan on minting each month?

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We don’t have concrete numbers regarding the artists yet, the creation of the DAO happened shortly after the physical collective so we are still in the beginning. Our focus lies on the support in the physical realm so we are planning on onboarding different artists slowly but steady, integrate NEAR in events and their fundings which will give then give examples on how culture and artists can directly profit from working with NEAR. It would be nice to have 4 different artists per month (or more is possible of course), but again, slow but steady :slight_smile:

Cool! I wasn’t asking in hopes of a huge number, just curious what kind of pace you were estimating. I run an ART+TECH organization myself (codame) so I understand the work that goes into onboarding. We do a quarterly opening/festival with a max of 20 artists, which comes out close to your estimate.

YES! I am aware of codame, it’s a great orga and inspiration! We’re trying to keep the numbers reasonable in the beginning :smiley: