[Ideation] Cultural Art Contest

Cultural Art Contest

The Idea: Artists would create works of Generative-Art based on the traditional art of their countries/region.

The Initial Problem: Localized adoption.

One of the greatest challenges for new projects in all areas of technological innovation is the promotion of widespread adoption and participation. Be it computer programs, apps, websites, or even crypto, there is always an uneven, localized adoption. Clusters of users form in specific regions and countries. This proposal seeks to mitigate this effect in order to make the adoption of the NEAR ecosystem more globalized and expand the Generative-Art community.

The Solution: An art contest engaging artists from the most varied global regions.

An art contest (with the submission of Generative-Art) would be an effective way to simultaneously promote the Generative-Art community and NEAR ecosystem, expanding its adoption and generating resources to support them, while promoting art and culture from all around the globe.

Through the creation and submission of works of Generative-Art based on the traditional art of the country/region of the artist, the project not only shows that the Generative-Art community and the NEAR ecosystem can have a global reach, it promotes their adoption by communities all over the world.

The Competition

  • Entrance in the competition would incur a small fee, paid for in NEAR tokens, promoting its adoption and generating resources.

  • Each participant/team of participants would be allowed only one submission.

  • There would be a period to enter the project and make one’s submission. During this period the contest would be promoted online.

  • Although not integral to the project, as a possibility, there could be a provision to entry dictating that any art project that enters the competition must consist of at least two artists. This would help further spread awareness of the Generative-art community and NEAR ecosystem, since the provision may cause artists to team up with other artists previously unaware of them.

The Format:

The project could take one of two approaches:

1 - As a preferable option, after the submission period, an online auction could be organized, in which prospective buyers would bid on the participating artworks.

The auction could have an extended duration of a set number of weeks.

The bidding would occur with the usage of the NEAR token. (After they are bidded, the tokens could even be staked for the duration of the auction, further supporting the network).
A commission fee would be deducted from the winning bid and the remaining sum would go to the artist

2 – If this strategy is found to not be viable, the second option would be to organize a community vote to determine winners. The vote would also occur during a period of a set number of weeks. After tallying the results, the winners would receive a prize paid for in NEAR tokens.

The Benefits:

  • Promote regional art and culture on a global platform.

  • Interface innovative art concepts with traditional ideas.

  • Grow and enrich the Generative-Art community.

  • Promote the adoption of the NEAR token and support its ecosystem.

  • Generate resources to support the NEAR ecosystem and the Generative-art community.


Hey Lucas,

thanks for sending over the application and sorry for the late reply, it seems like a great fit for the #marketing:nft-onboarding category but feel free to send the submission for the Ideation to the Generative Art DAO.

Have a nice morning, afternoon, or evening.

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I’m sorry, I am a bit confused.

“(…)send the submission for the Ideation to the [Generative Art DAO]”

What does that mean? How would I go about doing that?

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You can find more information here but in synthesis, you can send a 10N payout proposal, adding the link to the current page, to the DAO for your NEAR account.


Thank you for your help. I just finished sending the submission.

A pleasant day to you.

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Good day yassine,

Now that the Ideation is done, we should proceed to the next step of doing a “Project Presentation (Visual Outline)” of the project, correct?

I was intending to do a flowchart for us to better visualize the project, as well as a step-by-step description to make each part and concept clearer.

Do you have additional instructions ?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Lucas,

The next step is to make a few slides to present the project.
It doesn’t have to include a flow chart but describe with a few words
and some visuals of the idea, next steps, and how you plan to implement it.

Good day Yassine.

I’m sorry for the delay. The past few days have been terribly busy due to some unforeseen circumstances.

I have finished the slide presentation. However, I am not managing to share it here, since I receive a message saying that "new users cannot upload atachments.

How do I share the Power Point presentation?

Thank you again and sorry for the inconvenience,


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Hi Lucas,

You can also just export and link the presentation with something like Dropbox or similar.
Not mandatory to have an attachment.

Thank you Yassine.

This is the link for the presentation: Dropbox - NEAR.pptx

I will now created the corresponding payout proposal as well.

Thanks again. I await your feedback.

Have a nice day.

Good evening Yassine,

Wasn’t the presentation adequate? There has been no response, so I wonder if something is the matter.

I verified that the payout proposal has expired as well. Perhaps I created it too hastely. I apologize. I will only create another one after your response. That is, if the presentation is indeed in order, of course.

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