[Ideation] Create Nigerian Art NFT Community on NEAR

TLDR of the Proposal:

I would like to create an NFT community for Nigerian artists. The goal would be to onboard a minimum of 50 artists so as to create a minimum of 10 NFTs during the hackathon period.

Full Proposal
I am close to members of various art communities across Nigeria and one of the most consistent complaints for most of them has been how to regularly and consistently earn a living wage while doing what they love to do. Recently, a few of us have spoken about NFTs as a possible solution, but have usually been put off by the cost and complexity required to make them.

WIth the Createbase hackathon, I believe I have stumbled across a solution. I will onboard at least 50 artists, help them create NEAR accounts, and create and manage Telegram and Discord groups. I would also encourage all members to join and be active on the forum.

Within the hackathon period, the group would try and create a minimum of 10 NFTs, working with artists that are most comfortable and ready to build pieces within the next couple of weeks. I intend to make a token request for each NFT created (it would be a flat rate which would be determined in conjunction with the NEAR team).

Part of what I would be doing would include helping new members get NEAR ids, work with them to create NFTs, and push the NFTs to Mintbase and other NEAR-friendly marketplaces.

Based on the success of the hackathon, the group could become an official guild/DAO within the NEAR ecosystem.

Project Presentation

Project Video

Project Git Repo

My address is oiclid.near


Seems like a really interesting project, but it does not seem to follow the hackathon tasks in terms of the payouts requested. If you look to the createabse.community website and head to the hackathon page, you should see more info about how to request payouts and the amounts to request for each task.

Please check out the “How to Earn” section of the website:

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Thank you. Edited my proposal and submitted the application.

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This is great! Proposal Approved.

What platform will you use to mint the NFTs? Using mintbase and positioning yourself as the curator/gallery owner to receive a cut of sales would help sustain the project. If you were more comfortable with that money going to a DAO you could do that too (DAO addresses act just like wallets).

Do you already know of https://nearnames.com/ for gifting new user accounts?

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Thank you. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the payment.


I’ve seen it. Thanks.


Good to hear! Looking forward to seeing the presentation :blush:

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@chloe @starpause here is the link to my proposal presentation. Thanks.


@oiclid good stuff. it seems like your project doesn’t need outside investors. If you do find yourself in that position I suggest using a pitch deck cheat sheet to optimize the presentation. Ash’s presentation about pitching is a great resource.

Do you think you’ll have any difficulty getting artists to join you? If so the deck could be focused on convincing them it’s worth participating. Approved & looking forward to seeing the next steps in your project!

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@starpause Currently the only outside investors we’ll need are for onboarding costs, gas fees, and logistics. Hopefully outside that we can be self sufficient. Thanks!

Sorry, I’ve been ill so the video was incomplete. Here’s my video presentation:


Here’s my Git repo: GitHub - oiclid/art_nfts

@oiclid can you re-share the vimeo link? I’m not able to view it because you linked the manage page rather than the public page. Thank you!

Step 3 (video pitch, 30N):

I found a link to your video but I’m not sure it’s the right one because there is no talking or explaination. The video submission is your opportunity to get support by pitching your idea. It could also be useful to convince artists that they should join your marketplace.

Step 4 (proof of concept, 40N):

This step is to put some flesh on your idea and prove it will work. Projects that are developing code can commit their MVP to github. New platforms or apps can create wireframes and prototype their user interfaces.

In your case, it would be good to see a timeline for the next 3 months. You could also set up the discord, telegram, dao, etc. Or maybe you have some other tangible next steps in mind that will give you confidence to move forward.

Hope this feedback helps your project become a great success!

@starpause I was ill and was rushing to submit the video. I’ll redo the video and submit it.


Don’t need to rush, we will continue to honor the payout points past the hackathong end date. Hope you’re feeling better and looking forward to your updates!

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@starpause Hi. I just created a new account because I am having issues accessing my old account (@oiclid).

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Welcome back! Looking forward to artist onboarding updates :+1:

Thanks. I’ll be done ASAP.


@starpause @chloe @whatshertoes @iotachan I’ve been in and out of the hospital these past couple of months, but I have finally been healthy long enough to complete my tasks.

The video pitch can be found here, while the Git Repo can be found here.