[Idea] Game social platform

Have you heard of TapTap/Steam platform? This app only provides game-related services, where players learn about games, download games, rate games, and discuss games. At the same time, players can also get to know each other socially. In addition to popular games, many unpopular or experimental games will be released on it, because they can attract more attention on TapTap/Steam. This platform application can be combined with the blockchain to become a tokenized dapp. Through the platform to monitor the game time to understand the player’s game love, as well as the player’s activity on the platform, reward players with platform tokens, and use tokens to decentralize the governance of application development and the games and revenues posted on it. (A player’s number of coins can also reflect their love of the game (the number of coins is similar to the level of a game account)near wallet:dj_dfg.near)


Hi @DJDJ007, love the idea!

Can you make a DAO proposal to receive your ideation payout?


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I made it. Very good experience!

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Hi @DJDJ007

The idea is great. Could you update your proposal to include some more information about TapTap and details of your idea?

We are asking for roughly 500 words as the post length in ideation proposals for the hackathon.

Looking forward to your updated submission!

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The official website of taptap is https://www.taptap.com/.
Taptap has community updates, game recommendations, game rankings, and game videos. Players are the most important to the development of the game community, and we can use DAO to govern. Governance is provided by regularly issuing tokens, based on the player’s activity in the community, the number of games played, and the game and community suggestions, and the player’s game time can also be obtained through the API. The income obtained through game promotion can be added to the token liquidity pool to give back to the community DAO. At the same time, if participants want to have a greater influence on the community, they can also directly purchase tokens to improve governance.
In addition, regarding the token issuance model, I think a nonlinear inflation model can be established. Inflation standards can be determined based on the number of active people in the community over a period of time (for example, one to two weeks), the number of community content additions, the overall length of community player games, and the number of games promoted. The more active the community, the greater the number of people growing, and the higher the duration of the game, the more tokens should be generated in this cycle. Of course, the community inflation standard should also be improved by community members who vote on a regular basis. Because the speed of community development and time is nonlinear, and the contributions of new and old members are not the same, the token reward standard should also be changed.

Thanks for the extra information! Are you submitting as well for the Social Tokens track? This is probably a good fit for their ideation bounty.

Thank you for your approval. Of course, it does involve part of the token release content. But I think submitting under one Category is enough.
And I always believe that if a project is decentralized, then its token distribution rules should also be decentralized, rather than initially established by a small number of people.

Hi @DJDJ007 we couldn’t get the council to vote in time for your project, would you please submit again to the NFT Gaming DAO?

The additional submission to the Social Token DAO would be in case you are interested in getting a second 10 NEAR payout from this other hackathon DAO, but it’s not required.

OK, got it, I do now

I saw that the previous one is ready to vote, do I close the current one?

Hi, I see your new submission, Thanks!

I have voted, now we just wait for the rest of the council to vote, no need to do anything else on your part.