[Iberoamerican music festival] FESTIVERSE - April/2022

Festiverse unites music NFTs and art from emerging LATAM and Spanish web3 artists in Decentraland.


The Ibero-American event will be held for the first time in the Metaverse on the 23rd of April at 8PM UTC.

The mission of the event its to create an experience in the Metaverse with blockchain and gaming tools that aim to create value for independent artists that are giving their first steps into the blockchain as a font of revenue, independence and building community.

It is the first Ibero-American and Spanish-speaking festival focused on showcasing emerging talent linked to the web3. It is a celebration in a decentralized space, specially designed for the union of this community that gathers to enjoy a day of music, art and talks.

The attendees will be able to see shows, dance to the beats of fresh new artists, interact, show off their personality through avatars and admire Iberoamerican art curated by NFTribu in the amazing gallery owned by Imagine to create.

This new NFT music, games and art festival is the result of the unconditional collaboration of different independent record labels from the music industry and artistic developers, such as Crypto Musica Records (web3 International), Discos Panoram (Mexico), Happy Fi (Mexico), Wanna Music (Argentina), Pro Indie Music (Mexico), Imagine To Create (Spain), NFTribu (United States) and @NatalieCrue nataliejcrue.near as advisor for web3 and music 3.

The main goal is to start to do something important to this Ibero-American community, creating a space to develop music careers for the future of music on the blockchain.

The budget aims to pay promotional efforts such as 200 USD on web ads, 150 USD for Twitter promotion, and paid some funds to the staff who are working since January, at least 290 USD for the festival crew, and 359 USD for the live acts.

Feels free to check our detailed marketing plan

'Festiverse Golden Ticket"


Hi thanks for this porposal! We appreciate your focus on spanish speaking world. Onboparding DAO has discussed your proposal and we think you have strong positioning to impact on the NEAR community.

We do have some requests regrading your proposal. Please add more detail as to your onboarding goals. We’d like to see targets , regarding how many people you plan to active with NEAR wallets and details as to how you will achieve the goal.

I do hope you will document the festival and that the endeavour will lead to great content that can be shared!


@Arnold_Travieso welcome :wink: Wish you the best, full support from my side

@LuisAponte99 @guille another member from Spain!


Thanks fritz

@Arnold_Travieso welcome

Let me know you discord handle and where you are located

We are working to promote the new guild in Spain
Take a look: Telegram: Contact @NearSpain


Oh! Looks nice :fist:t6::star_struck:

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Hi Symbolic

to be honest, is too early in the Metaverses to target accurately, but we already did several parties there and we know that our current audience is mostly Spanish people that are familiar with the blockchain and they are around 30 to 36 years old, working in NFT’s, etc.

Our Goal with this FESTIVERSE is to do an onboarding ramp to enter the web3 to those that are unfamiliar with the Metaverses, Wallets, NFTs, Cybersecurity, etc, to teach them and have fun at the same time, and to make our community grow, our community is around 1000 members very active and we are lucky cause the engagement is high.

Our secondary goal is to create a place to start a music movement as the independent record labels did throughout the history of independent music, creating a space to play music and meet people sharing similar interests, and also to give opportunities for exposure to music artists and bands.

About the wallets NEAR can I explain more in detail, cause, we gladly opened the wallet, and in a very short time we started to love the community, and the Fintech around NEAR protocol,
We will love to announce the NEAR protocol and this amazing project during the emission of the event and put the logo on the land during the festival, also we can invite some of the representative personas to speak on our Twitter Space as soon as you want.

feels free to contact us, or book a video call just let us know.

have a dazzling weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks feel free to join the FESTIVERSE

we will love to see you dancing and having fun, there are 10 bands, 50 pieces of NFT brand new from Ibero-American artists, and we created a different game, also we plan to do NFT draws, of course, nice POAPs and much more…

we are so happy and we can’t wait…

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Hola Luis

encantado de Saludarte, si nuestro servidor de Discord necesita roles para ser una experiencia, allí tenemos una NFTOPEDIA una enciclopedia en construcción sobre NFT música y principios de la blockchain en español, ademas de noticias etc…

es interactiva y la tratamos de hacer muy amena con visuales etc…

Por otro lado no hay que olvidar que somos un sello de música 3.0 el Discord esta diseñado para hacer el abordaje a la música NFT en nuestro idioma con el objetivo de innovar e ir atrayendo a los Fans y nuevos artistas, para que disfruten de las bondades que nos ofrecen la blockchain.

quedamos a tu entera disposición y atentos de colaborar gracias por el interés @LuisAponte99

también tenemos Telegram 110 m y WhatsApp 220 m y obviamente twitter.

aquĂ­ nuestro Discord

prĂłximamente nuestra pagina web (fecha de lanzamiento en fase alpha 9 de Abril 2022)

Please be informed that your proposal has been approved!

Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

Once your project will be ready please share your artworks and details with NxM Social Media Team in order to promote it on Twitter and Instagram - Telegram: Contact @nxmsocialmedia

We are implementing a new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:

  • Open NEAR Guilds App https://app.nearguilds.com
  • Find NxM Guild​
  • Log to the app using your NEAR wallet​
  • Join the community using your NEAR wallet!

Also, feel free to leave your feedback here, when you will be doing the report, after the delivered show.


Hey @Paul we are very excited with this proposal approval, we can’t not be more happier.

We Requesting %50 payout for the Approved project (Festiverse - Music & Arts Festival for the Iberoamerican Community in Decentraland)

but we did not find it in NxM Astro
Someone can assist us please?

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Please use this link :slight_smile:


Hey @Paul

I did it exactly in the order you suggested, but I don’t understand what I should do, apart from entering this link and looking for the approved proposals, once inside the star I was looking at all the approvals and I couldn’t find our proposal!!

are u sure that we were approved?



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Hi! I’m becopro, reporter for the Metaverse DAO. I go to events on the metaverse and make videos of it to create a historical record of NEAR related events on the metaverse.
Can you share the link to the place where the event will happen? I don’t know where to put these coordinates.

Thanks, peace and sucess!

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You need to create your own proposal, take a look here:

Cc @Symbolik


Hey Paul

maybe it’s the language barrier, I receive a message from @Symbolik that said that our proposal was approved :slight_smile:

And I was doing all the steps and I did not find any clue of our approved proposal, I am really stuck, can you or @Symbolik assist me a little bit, this is really important I am the Festiverse promoter and we were super exited when we were accepted to required for the 50% of the funds, but trust me I did everything and I getting super stuck.

Hey, @Arnold_Travieso I can’t see your payout request on NxM AstroDAO.


Indeed your proposal has been approved here, but in order to get funds for your project, you have you submit a payout request on your own to NxM on AstroDAO.

Maybe you’re doing it for the first time, so I’ve prepared a brief instructions for you on how to do that:

Please do it in the following order:

  1. Write a short description of why you claiming a payout,
  2. Paste the URL from the forum (this post),
  3. Convert $ into NEAR,
  4. Type your near wallet name,
  5. Submit the request.

NxM councils will have 6 days to approve your payout request.

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Thank u very much, now I really understand the steps and yes actually this is the first time :slight_smile:


@Paul when I try to connect the wallet cryptomusicarecords.near
its connected for a millisecond and then goes down (so is never connected), I was trying in differents moments during the day and several times and the problem persist, perhaps I am doing something wrong :frowning:

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I think it’s nothing wrong on your side, because AstroDAO has some issues today, and lots of people can’t log there or change their accounts…

I’d advise you to wait 1-2 days max, and then please try once again, as issues on AstroDAO are being solved quickly by the devs.

Sorry it is happening when you want to submit your payout request…


Hi Tom,
Im Arnold´s team partner. We continue to have the same issue. Is there other way we can submit the info?


hey @Arnold_Travieso can you pls update the Status of the Event?

cc. @Paul @bonepolice @rhymetaylor @williamx

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