I-AM-HUMAN Onboarding Contest (FINAL RESULTS)

I-AM-HUMAN Content + Referral Competition Report


The I-AM-HUMAN competition witnessed an incredible turnout from the NEAR community, showcasing enthusiasm and creativity in onboarding members to I-AM-HUMAN. The competition ran for two months, kicking off on June 1st and ending on July 31st, resulting in over 200 submissions.

The primary objective was to reward existing NEAR communities for successfully bringing their members to I-AM-HUMAN through small experiments executed within a week. This report highlights the achievements of the top-performing communities and their contributions to the competition.


The I-AM-HUMAN competition was designed to incentivize NEAR communities to onboard their members to I-AM-HUMAN. By creating personalized tracking links to monitor registrations, the competition provided several incentives for communities to actively participate. A total bounty of $10,000 was allocated for rewards, distributed as follows:

  • $5,000 for milestones
  • $4,000 for ranked rewards
  • $1,000 for the winning vertical.

Participation and Milestones

Fifty (50) communities actively participated in the competition, out of which eight (8) communities surpassed Milestone 1, and only four (4) communities managed to reach above Milestone 2. The communities that achieved Milestone 1 (onboarding between 50-100 members) and Milestone 2 (onboarding between 100-250 members) are as follows:

  • Creatives DAO
  • TNE Society
  • Near Ukraine
  • Near Turkiye

Additional bonuses were awarded to the top-performing communities:

  • The five (5) communities that performed the best in Milestone 1 each received a $100 bonus.
  • The five (5) communities that performed the best in Milestone 2 each received a $150 bonus.

Top Performers

The top-performing communities in terms of the number of onboarded members were as follows:

  • Banyan (144) - $1400 reward

    • Milestone 2($250)
    • Milestone 2 Bonus ($150)
    • Vertical Competition winner ($1000)
  • Aurora (139 members) - $400 reward

  • Milestone 2 ($250)

  • Milestone 2 Bonus ($150)

  • Jump DeFi (120 members) - $400 reward

    • Milestone 2 ($250)
    • Milestone 2 Bonus ($150)
  • Creative DAO (75 members) - $200 reward

    • Milestone 1 ($100)
    • Milestone 1 Bonus ($100)
  • Near Indonesia (60 members) - $200 reward

    • Milestone 1 ($100)
    • Milestone 1 Bonus ($100)

NEAR TURKYIE ((53 members) - $200 reward

  • Milestone 1 ($100)
  • Milestone 1 Bonus ($100)

Infrastructure Vertical Winner

The infrastructure vertical emerged victorious and earned a bonus prize of $1,000. (Banyan)

Notable Mentions



We extend our heartfelt gratitude to @Lolson_tg and the dedicated Degen Community, whose invaluable contributions and efforts played a pivotal role in making this competition such a resounding success. Their support, enthusiasm, and commitment were instrumental in driving the competition forward.

We’re excited to announce the winners of this competition, whose exceptional creations have been showcased here. Each winner has displayed remarkable creativity and skill, making the selection process quite challenging due to the high caliber of entries.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who participated, supported, and helped organize this content creation competition. Your passion and dedication continue to inspire us, and we look forward to more opportunities in the future to celebrate the talents within our community. You can find all winners here Content Competition


The I-AM-HUMAN competition was an incredible success, with the NEAR community displaying tremendous enthusiasm and participation. The efforts of the top-performing communities, especially Aurora, Banyan Collective, Near Indonesia, Jump DeFi, Creative DAO, TNE Society, Near Ukraine, and Near Turkiye, heavily impacted the overall success of the competition. The initiative encouraged community engagement and showcased the collective power of the NEAR ecosystem in driving adoption and growth.For all other participants you can find results here (I-AM-HUMAN - Proof of Personhood Protocol on NEAR)

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Participation and Milestones

Milestone Number of Communities
Milestone 1 (50-100 members) 8
Milestone 2 (100-250 members) 4

Top Performers

Community Number of Members
Aurora 369
Banyan Collective 182
Near Indonesia 144
Jump DeFi 116
Creative DAO 68

Very challenging contest well organized by the NDC team :heart:


Congratulations! Such a great initiative to boost onboarding process in the community


Great job NDC and Russ! Love the way it was organized and the impact can be seen.

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Awesome competition! Is the Jump DeFi reward tallied correctly?

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you are doing good. keep pushing harder

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Wow! Near Hausa appreciate the acknowledgement :sunglasses:

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Congratulations to winners


ahhh apologies let me update that, thank you.

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Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the special mention for the open-web-academy. Keep building :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:

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