How to create funds/TVL in token, made in NEAR?

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I created two tokens, in Near Protocol.
How can i add value $.
Have some vídeos, explain about adding TVL /funds in tokens made in NEAR?
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Do you have some links, about this Topic?
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Can you elaborate more on what you mean by ‘adding TVL/funds’ to tokens made on NEAR?

I made a video about this AGES ago (July 2021):

Technically you can create a new pool on REF finance - add your token using the contract address and then pair it up wit any token you want. Adding liquidity to your new pool would be the same process as for any other pool. A few things to note:

  • REF UI has changed a lot since I made the video but the core functionality is the same
  • Event though anyone can create pools (decentralised) there is process for whitelisting tokens
  • If a token has not been whitelisted, it will not show up on REF UI when user search for it. To trade , they would have to search by smart contract address.
  • Technically the TVL and valuation of the token is derived from that liquidity. This is tricky for new tokens with little liquidity

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Hey there. “adding value” to a token is largely subjective imo. At least for self created tokens.


  1. You can add liquidity so that when someone holds your token, then can go somewhere like and swap from your token to a token they see as valuable (probably because they can eventually get to fiat/USD)
  • $marmaj is on ref and has liquidity mostly with $stNEAR
  1. Create some mechanism where your token can be used for value.
  • $PXT is a token used in the ecosystem and allows holders to buy potions and game items.

I’d suggest trying to figure out a roadmap for the tokens along with the community that might be using them to figure out what the view is/can be.

For example, if holding 1 token is required to enter your private show/event, then maybe people will find that valuable. Or maybe you can just use an NFT for this as well :woman_shrugging:t5:.

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Thanks @satojandro amazing video content and Nice educative informations!:pray: