How to build on NEAR: Translate Guide in YORUBA

I have worked on translating the HOW TO BUILD ON NEAR GUIDE into YORUBA language. Yoruba language is spoken by majority of the Southern part of Nigeria. It is one of the three major Nigerian languages. This is to help the locals understand better.


Mụta ma rite uru Kedu ka esi ewu na nso? Ntụziaka mmalite Apụta, Nduzi / Site Sasha | ahsaS.NEAR / nkeji 8 nke ịgụ ihe Ịkekọrịta na +4 na -amaghị | by Igboze Israel | Oct, 2021 | Medium


Wow @IgbozeIsrael Things are getting interesting…
Yoruba language is getting and gaining popularity daily if i can say that… And this your effort will surely help in the community moving forward.

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Thanks Sir. We do great things!

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Really luv this translation keep it up u just gave me an idea of how to get the community involved in various aspects of NEAR

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Excellent work @IgbozeIsrael !!

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Thanks a lot Sir. We do MORE to get THERE!

Thanks a lot @damboy22. The future is NEAR!