[hackathon] Bring in poets and writers from the portuguese speaking world to create their own literary NFT's


Project title: Onboarding of writers from portuguese speaking world.

One-liner: purpose: Encourage poets and writers from the portuguese speaking world to create their own literary NFT’s.

Project DAO: NFT Onboarding

Project members:


Project Summary: Novelists, poets, dramatists and script-writers produce thousands of lines of text without ever being paid. We want to bring them to the Near community and help them create their NFT’s, self-organize and find new ways of monetizing their work.

Starting with Lisbon, and then reaching out to every place where someone writes in portuguese, be it a novel, a play, a script or any other form of literary creation, we want to bring in writers and help them be a part of this rapidly changing new world of web 3.

What we want to do:

We want to serve as a gateway for writers from all the portuguese speaking world (Angola, Brasil, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Moçambique, Portugal, São Tomé e Príncipe, Timor Leste, Guiné Equatorial) to enter the NEAR community and use its tools.

We want to bring in specialists and organize workshops on topics such as cryptocurrencies, governance, NFT making and networking. We want writers to be able to grasp and evolve in the web 3 world.

We want to be inclusive and foster an ecosystem where writers in all stages of their careers and provenance have a place to share their work and talk on important matters.

We want to implement a system of p2p reviews, feedback and community-driven creative hubs, where aspiring writers and students can meet established writers, each other, and grow.

This things will allow us to strengthen the literary community online and without barriers, help writers imagine news ways of monetizing literary work, of finding new audiences, new public and new partnerships.

The NEAR ecosystem and the crypto space in general can help artists from all languages and métiers to bypass the establishment and reinvent the world. We really believe there is room to grow, and maybe we will serve as an example for other languages, and other communities.

Additional sections

Who organizes:

  • frnvpr.near: Writer born in Lisbon, 1986. Lives and works in Lisbon. He studied Multimedia at Escola Superior de Comunicação Social (Escs), Cinema at Universidade Lusófona and Literature at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In the beginning of his career worked in cinema as a cinematographer and director. His first short-film. Caímos Juntos, was selected for the festivals IndieLisboa 2013 and Curtas de Vila do Conde 2013. Since then has worked primarily as a writer and script-doctor, collaborating both in short and feature films, for example with TerraTreme filmes. In 2017 was awarded a literature scholarship from the CNC-Centro Nacional de Cultura. He is a late but enthusiastic crypto adopter.

  • jmm.near: Visual artist born in Sao Paulo, 1993. Lives and works in Lisbon since 2013 collaborating with Arroz Estúdios as Social Media Assistant and Studio Manager. She graduated in Drawing at Ar.Co School and has attended Fashion Degree at University of Sao Paulo. The artist is a member of the art collective Risco Coletivo and she is also part of the contemporary art group Now.Here Lisboa. She’s been exhibiting her work since 2017, having participated in many art residencies, workshops, events and collaborative projects.

  • samiasns.near: Holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at ISCTE- IUL and graduated in Museology at Brasília University. Her research is based on the study of possible relationships between new technologies, museums and Art. She has experience in working with museums, with emphasis on cataloguing collections, preventive conservation and setting up exhibitions. She has worked as a museologist in several Brazilian institutions such as Casa da Memória da Arte Brasileira, Galeria de Arte do Banco Central, Museu Vivo da Memória Candanga, among other spaces. Currently she participates in the European project Migrantour with the Associação Renovar a Mouraria and also works with the Coletivo Tarimba. Coletivo Tarimba is an art collective founded in Lisbon, in 2018, by eight women working in the arts and humanities. Tarimba was born from a desire to promote the work of young artists internationally and within the Portuguese contemporary art scene - curators, collectors and researchers. Without their own space, Tarimba works in partnership with alternative and institutional venues to promote exhibitions. Besides that, the collective has a social program to include the local community in their activities.


Very excited with this idea :relaxed: it could be a great way to create a networking platform for writers :relaxed::relaxed:


Hi Frederico (and Juliana and Sâmia), this is very exciting! And thank you for re-submitting. Approved!

It sounds like workshops are the most tangible bit of your proposal. Do you have other outreach plans/initiatives in mind? We’re working on a Community OS Playbook to make running events and so on easier, would be great to have your input on it as we work together.

Are you familiar with nearnames.com for gifting wallets?


Great!!! I’ll have a look for sure and come up with some insights. Yes, we have more ideas such as online and physical artistic residencies where writers can meet each others work, have experience with p2p reviews and mutual growth. Another idea that we have, to run online events here: [Ideation] VR Online Artistic Residence check it out.
thank you

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hey @starpause! Thank you!
I’ll check out the playbook and yes, i am already familiar with nearnames.com :slight_smile:

I really want this to be more than just giving workshops and onboarding people. We plan on integrating this (and every ideia we have) on our DAO (IncubadoraPT) and get developers and programmers in, more cultural producers and all kind of artists and really stretch the limits of what we can do as a community.

Right now, at least in this part of Europe, we need desperately new ways of doing business, specially in what concerns visual arts and literature (cinema, for example, already has plenty of support; script-writing not so much…).

So, to answer your question, yes we’re planning to do more than workshops. We’ll be talking with partners and try to figure out if we can build some sort of online tool to help bring in writers and facilitate some sort of an economic model.

There are plenty of websites and platform where writers can sell their services, but we want a different thing: to provide a place where artistic-writers can meet, talk to each other, organize events, online and physical residencies, exchange of ideas, and, fundamentally, create revenue from their life’s work.

We’ll see what we can come up with.

Thanks :wink: !


VISUAL OUTLINE of our project, check it out »»

:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:


@frnvpr @JulianaM excellent direction! Looking forward to learning and collaborating more.

Approved at nft-onboarding.sputnikdao.near/proposals/22


Thank you for the feedback @starpause. We’ll keep at it!

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Anyone who wants to collaborate join us on our discord https://discord.gg/t7kqNvax :building_construction: :building_construction: :upside_down_face:



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sorry about audio quality, im recording with a potato :confused: :rofl:

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Oops. Here we go, this link works for the video:



You could give krisp.ai a try (my ref link, gets a month free, but their free plan is also fine for recording pressentations). I used it when there was constructiong being done next door. People in meetings with me didn’t know :sunglasses:

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Preso looks good, excited to see this initiative prosper! I am constantly at the discord server limit so I’ll stay peeled for forum posts.

Could you update this post with some metrics you aim to achieve
per week/month/quarter (or whatever scale you’re comfortable estimating):

  • how many workshops will you do?
  • how many artists will you onboard?
  • how many residencies will you run?
  • how many bounties/job board posts are you expecting?

Goal with the metrics isn’t to estimate with 100% accuracy, just to take a guess and have a goal. As you gain experience you can adjust estimates after each measurement cyce.

Have you already formed the DAO?

Thanks =]

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hey, thanks! I’ll try it out. Sadly i managed to ruin the sound card in my laptop I think, i’m running an OS that allows me to push things to the limit and maybe i crossed it :stuck_out_tongue:

We have our DAO running and we’re working on 3 or 4 projects. In a couple of days we’ll have a full roadmap for the next 18 months or so. I think we can cover all those questions and more :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your feedback!!

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github submission

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Thanks for spinning up the repo.

Can you do a monthly breakdown of activities for your roadmap? To keep things managable we’re planning on monthly checkins and payouts through guilds/daos so planning along those lines will help you set reasonable goals.


hello @starpause! Right now i have this as a roadmap, but it will only become official after the members of the DAO have a chance to discuss it. For reference:

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@frnvpr approved the SputnikDAO proposal (55) for the Github repo.

Thanks for providing the timeline, let us know if your DAO mates approve the roadmap. We’re setting up monthly check-ins with projects that want to continue building after the hackathon. DM to set something up if you’re interested!