Guilds Survey Q4 '21 Results

Thank you to the 89 people :star_struck: that filled in the Guilds Survey last quarter and even more thanks to the 20 guild members that sat through an indepth interview with me :tipping_hand_woman: . The high-level insights and takeaways from the survey and interviews are presented in a snapshot here:

Its important for us to know what we can do to be better :unicorn: and the results of this survey will play a key role in helping us to prioritise the next steps in Q1 and beyond.
Guild leaders- please attend office hours later on today (3pm CET) to discuss the results further. :v: :star_struck:


I completely agree with this and would add that if people are in gamefi they will understand what a guild is, an “action” group for a DAO with specific goals and metrics.

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Thanks to our friend Annabelle, we have these results, so doing a bit of delayed accounting here now that our new payout process is live.

Here is the invoice in USD from Annabelle:

Converting to NEAR at today’s rate, according to CoinGecko @ $10.24, rounds up to 78 NEAR for this work.

This will be posted to the Ecosystem Development DAO to be polled.

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