Guilds Q2 Survey Results

Hey everyone! :wave:

Over the last couple of weeks, one of the projects that we’ve been working on is the Guilds Survey. I’m really excited to be able to share this, on behalf of the Guilds Crew. All of us from the crew have been speaking with all the different guilds and working closely with you all.

The survey is to get a sense of where we’re at right now and what can we do better (we can always do better :slight_smile: ). But, the goal was also to see what should we be prioritising.

So, without further ado, here’s a snapshot of the survey results, and next steps.

We’ll go over this in in more detail over a video recording in the coming week, but would love to have your thoughts, inputs and insights on this. :sparkles:


Hello Shreyas,

Comprehensive survey with some really useful insights. As a Guild Leader, I can use these statistics to have more efficient coordination with other Guilds. Thanks for publishing this report. Now, regarding slide number 20 - could you please provide more details about the “Information Sharing and Ecosystem News” section of your plans for the future? I am curious to learn where Guilds will be placed in the ecosystem and what will the procedure be if any Guild Leader wants to reach out to NEAR Core to seek some information about upcoming updates (technical and non-technical).

It was a great read! :slight_smile:


Hi @chronear,

For sure! Thank you for going through it and glad you found it useful.

Absolutely! Information and updates to guilds are something that we hope to facilitate better over the coming weeks. It’s also a fine balance between sharing relevant information and information overload, given the number of things happening across the ecosystem. :slight_smile: But broadly,

  • the Portal Guild is working on streamlining, curating and updating information across the NEARverse.
  • The Ecosystem team is working on a NEAR ecosystem map of projects, guilds etc. across the entire ecosystem. The end goal of this is that guilds and projects can add themselves, and hopefully we’ll have a way to filter by themes etc. The map also would have contacts, so that guilds can reach out to projects/other guilds and projects, can also reach out directly to guilds
  • All of this, in addition to the guilds team having 1-1s with the guilds and generally making useful introductions and connections across the ecosystem.

Apart from this, @jcatnear is working on the NEAR newsletter and @David_NEAR is working restructuring the forum etc. We’ve also been toying around with the idea of guilds calls and office hours.

These are broadly some of our ideas but would love to hear from you if there’s something else we can do. :slight_smile:

We’ll be going over the presentation in much more detail this week and post the recording here, but just wanted to share this in advance so that folks can reflect on this, add feedback etc.


The recording is coming and when you watch it, you’ll know to come back here to see and learn more about the concepts we were referencing in the video in addition to the GUILDS Q2 SURVEY RESULTS DECK posted above.

In the video we promised would be ‘linked in the description’:


The recording is here! Let us know what you think here or on YouTube:

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Good morning everyone!

Dear @mecsbecs

  1. Who is annabellec.near?; Probably, you created this account 13 days ago

  1. How did You choose her for the survey data analysis?
  2. She got ~ $750. How did you determinate the amount (150 N)?

Dear @grace you also approved this payroll request. Did you ask any questions?

Dear @shreyas I think as a head of guilds You can do it for free as part of your work responsibilities.

Have a great day guys!

Hi @Dacha, for your questions please refer to this post I made almost two weeks ago: Quick contract - Guilds Q2 survey data analysis work

And with regards to why someone was contracted to accomplish this task is because this kind of data extraction, interpretation, and presentation work requires a specific skill set that is not present in the Guilds Management Crew, nor could we dedicate additional time outside of our regular roles to meet the tight deadline.

Ok, waiting for an answer there.

Dear @mecsbecs i saw the survey form. I’m not sure that any additional skills needed. Basic PowerPoint knowledge. Have a great day!

Free or cheap PowerPoint courses: 15 Best + Free PowerPoint Courses & Certification [2021 AUGUST]

Hello @Dacha - to avoid having the same conversation in 2 places, I am responding to this final comment in the other post thread here: Quick contract - Guilds Q2 survey data analysis work.